2019-05-16 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #599 from dyninst/bump_version_number v10.1.0
2019-05-15 TimFix broken link in README 599/head
2019-05-15 TimAdd example usage of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
2019-05-15 TimFix formatting in README
2019-05-15 TimFix doc bugs in LibIberty
2019-05-15 TimFix doc bug in Boost.cmake
2019-05-15 TimMove advanced build instructions and FAQ to wiki
2019-05-15 Xiaozhu MengUpdate CHANGELOD for 10.1
2019-05-15 Xiaozhu MengUpdate version number to 10.1.0
2019-05-15 Tim HainesTBB spack fixes (#595)
2019-05-15 Tim HainesUpdate LibIberty to new build system (#601)
2019-05-14 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #596 from dyninst/fix-sw-stepper
2019-05-13 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #600 from dyninst/boost_1_70_fix
2019-05-13 Xiaozhu MengCompilation fix for boost 1.70 600/head
2019-05-12 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #564 from dyninst/patch_cfg
2019-05-12 Xiaozhu MengAugment BPatch_effectiveAddressExpr to accept a second... 564/head
2019-05-12 Xiaozhu MengRight now, the BPatch_deref and BPatch_regExpr do not...
2019-05-12 Xiaozhu MengWhen splitting a block using CFGModifier::split, we...
2019-05-12 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #592 from dyninst/pp_springboard
2019-05-11 Xiaozhu MengDisable incomplete implementation for RA compensation... 592/head
2019-05-10 Tim HainesBump minimum CMake version to 3.4.0 (#598)
2019-05-10 Xiaozhu MengAdd ARM effective address calculation (#594)
2019-05-10 Xiaozhu MengBPatch_effectiveAddress truncates mem addresses on...
2019-05-10 Xiaozhu MengFix jump table analysis for ROSE Registers (#576)
2019-05-10 Tim HainesUpdate README to reflect new build system (#597)
2019-05-10 Xiaozhu MengAdd initial support for decoding AMD FMA4 and XOP instr...
2019-05-09 Sasha @leelaFix DwarfFrameParser, decodeDwarfExpression and DwarfResult 596/head
2019-05-08 Sasha NícolasFix compilation of thread_db_process (#571)
2019-05-07 Keren ZhouSupport parsing cubin in dyninst-10.0 (#556)
2019-05-07 Xiaozhu MengOnly demangle names starting with "_Z" according to...
2019-05-07 Xiaozhu MengIn ProccontrolAPI, adding reading & writing mutatee...
2019-05-02 Sasha NícolasFixing TBB dependencies during build. (#570)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesElfutils cleanup (#591)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesTBB Cleanup (#584)
2019-05-02 Tim HainesBoost cleanup (#578)
2019-04-29 Ian A Masonsimple working hybrid example of patchAPI (#588)
2019-04-23 Xiaozhu MengFix PCWdiget implementation on ARMv8
2019-04-23 Xiaozhu MengMove architecture dependent code in PCWidget.C to three...
2019-04-23 Xiaozhu MengFor jump table analysis, control flow edges can be...
2019-04-18 Xiaozhu Meng1. Replace springboards prioriy "OffLimits" and "Requir...
2019-04-14 Xiaozhu MengIn dynamic instrumentation, springboards are installed...
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengDelete unnecessary asserts
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengThe _func_cnt member variable in class ParseAPI::Block...
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengFix compilation error introduced during applying patches
2019-04-12 Benjamin WeltonCorrectness fixes for springboard generators
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengFix finding the trap mapping header in .dyninstInst
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu Meng1. If ParseAPI identifies a jump as a tail call, but...
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengFix warnings on adjusting trap springboards
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengFix springboard traps for PIC code
2019-04-12 Xiaozhu MengFix the problem where trap springboards are not written...
2019-03-28 Tim HainesConvert ThreadDB error message to info message (#574)
2019-03-28 Xiaozhu MengA few fixes for parallel parsing (#572)
2019-03-26 Xiaozhu MengShould set errno to zero before calling ptrace (#569)
2019-03-18 L.E.RImplement ARMv8 IMFC and Load/Store Shared (#562)
2019-03-12 Xiaozhu MengFix ARM stack walking (#559)
2019-03-12 Sasha @leelaFix unnecessary multiple calls to buildSysRegMap.
2019-03-07 Xiaozhu MengAttempts to fix legacy test failures in Dyninst test...
2019-03-07 Xiaozhu MengFix tests in PIC mode (#553)
2019-03-07 Tim HainesElfutil version check (#558)
2019-03-07 Tim HainesAdd --enable-install-elfh when building elfutils from...
2019-02-12 Sasha NicolasFix separate debuginfo
2019-02-08 Xiaozhu MengRevert the change from PR530 that will cause crashes...
2019-02-08 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #548 from dyninst/dynsym_fix
2019-02-07 Tim HainesRemove undefined behavior from bit-shifting code
2019-02-06 Xiaozhu MengDo not put newly added functions to .dynsym, which... 548/head
2019-02-06 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #543 from dyninst/ppcle_rhel8_fix
2019-02-05 Tim HainesFix several bugs in common/src/pathName.C
2019-02-04 Keren ZhouAdjust Dyninst to support injecting CFGs for CUBINs
2019-02-01 Mark W. KrentelAdd some explicit casts from boost::tribool to bool...
2019-01-30 Xiaozhu MengDo not generate new PLTs for IFUNC when rewriting stati... 543/head
2019-01-30 Xiaozhu MengMore fixes on ppcle rewriting of statically linked...
2019-01-29 Xiaozhu MengFix crash caused by erasing an iterator from a std...
2019-01-29 Xiaozhu MengA couple fixes for binary rewriting of statically linke...
2019-01-24 Sasha NicolasThese functions were moved to the Emitter class.
2019-01-24 Tim HainesMerge pull request #537 from hainest/remove_ci
2019-01-24 Tim HainesMerge pull request #539 from hainest/gitignore_eclipse
2019-01-24 Tim HainesIgnore Eclipse settings files and folders 539/head
2019-01-23 Tim HainesRemove Travis and AppVeyor CI 537/head
2019-01-22 rafzifix missing installation of libdw when installing elfutils
2019-01-15 Sasha @leelaMerge branch 'fix_elf_h'
2019-01-15 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #516 from jmellorcrummey/fix-linemap
2019-01-15 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #528 from dyninst/ppc_pc_fix
2019-01-15 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #518 from stanfordcox/scox/includes
2019-01-15 Xiaozhu MengRemove asserts that cause test failures 528/head
2019-01-12 Xiaozhu MengFix a non-deterministic hang in test_thread_5
2019-01-11 Sasha @leelaMoving funtion emitElfUtils::updateRelocation to specif...
2019-01-10 Sasha @leelaMerge branch 'master' into ARMv8
2019-01-10 Sasha @leelaMerge branch 'ARMv8' of https://github.com/dyninst...
2019-01-10 Yuhan XieRealized effective address calculation, but still need...
2019-01-10 Yuhan XieCleaned up power_opcode_table.C, revised several duplic...
2019-01-04 Sasha NicolasFix on x86-64 the mov instruction for register of 16...
2018-12-28 Sasha @leelaMerge branch 'ARMv8' of https://github.com/dyninst...
2018-12-28 Sasha @leelaMerge branch 'master' into ARMv8
2018-12-27 LER0everfmt mixed-indented line changes to space-indented
2018-12-27 LER0everimplement params ref for more than 8 args for AArch64
2018-12-22 Sasha @leelaGenerating Load and Store of 1, 2, 4 or 8 bytes
2018-12-20 Xiaozhu MengDeal with relocation type R_PPC64_IRELATIVE
2018-12-19 Xiaozhu MengMerge pull request #519 from dyninst/power_abi_v2_fixes
2018-12-19 Xiaozhu MengFix code gen for PLT call/jump in dynamic instrumentati... 519/head
2018-12-19 Xiaozhu MengThe red zone in Power ABI v2 contains 288 bytes for...