2012-04-11 legendre1Allow DESTDIR for staged builds
2012-03-23 legendre1Don't use RUNPATH for testsuite finding built libraries...
2012-03-23 legendre1Revert default_component from ProcControlAPI to default
2012-03-23 legendre1Update gitignore
2012-03-23 legendre1Merge branch 'pc_bluegene' into dyn_pc_integration
2012-03-22 legendre1Merge branch 'pc_procgroups' into pc_bluegene
2012-03-22 legendre1Whitespace cleanup. Removed tabs.
2012-03-22 legendre1New test for ProcessGroups, pc_groups. Accompanying...
2012-03-22 Matthew LegendreBGQ Development
2012-03-21 legendre1Implemented ThreadGroups
2012-03-20 legendre1Initial pc group work
2012-03-12 legendre1Use named pipes for PC test communication on BGQ
2012-03-05 Matthew LegendreFurther bgq development work
2012-03-02 Matthew LegendreWork on BGQ startup
2012-01-18 legendre1Fix problem linking testsuite on systems with a PIC...
2012-01-04 legendre1Testsuite specification for BG/Q
2012-01-04 legendre1More from initial BG/Q commit
2012-01-04 legendre1Bug fixes related to new make/make install separation
2012-01-03 legendre1Fix DyninstAPI build issue related to Stackwalker/ProcC...
2011-10-31 legendre1Initial commit for ProcControlAPI on BG/Q
2011-09-20 Matthew P.... Rename bluegene.C and bluegene.h to bluegenep.C and...
2011-09-20 Matthew P.... Rename bg_process and bg_thread to bgp_process and...
2011-09-20 Matthew P.... Disable debugging code on BlueGene
2011-09-20 Matthew LegendreMerge branch 'pc_bluegene' of legendre@git.dyninst...
2011-09-20 Matthew LegendreFix i386/freebsd PC after BlueGene port
2011-09-20 Matthew LegendreFix race condition in FreeBSD pc_irpc test after BlueGe...
2011-09-20 legendre1Removed accidently commited debugging printfs
2011-09-19 Matthew LegendreFurther fixes for FreeBSD after BlueGene work
2011-09-16 Matthew LegendreFurther fixes for FreeBSD after BlueGene changes
2011-09-16 Matthew LegendreInitial set of FreeBSD fixes after PC BlueGene port
2011-08-26 legendre1Couple small testsuite fixes
2011-08-26 legendre1Fix race condition error in pc_thread test
2011-08-26 legendre1Removed non-functional tests on BG/P
2011-08-26 legendre1Fixed problem with race condition that could happen...
2011-08-26 legendre1Fix uninitialized variable in PC fork constructor
2011-08-25 Matthew P.... Support for large reads/writes (greater than packet...
2011-08-25 Matthew P.... Further BG fixes
2011-08-23 Matthew P.... BlueGene/P fixes for various tests
2011-08-22 Matthew P.... Make emulated single step async safe for BlueGene
2011-08-22 Matthew P.... Fixes for pc_temp_detach on linux ppc32 and bluegene/p
2011-08-20 Matthew P.... Fix PPC single step, which was broken by stop/continue...
2011-08-18 legendre1Enable linux_ppc ProcControlAPI in testsuite
2011-08-18 Matthew P.... Fix memory corruption on BG/P ProcControlAPI
2011-08-16 Matthew P.... ProcControlAPI BG fixes
2011-08-12 Matthew P.... Fixes for PC on bluegene
2011-08-08 legendre1Modify specs and tests to add VN/SMP/DUAL modes on...
2011-08-08 Matthew P.... BG development. Have basics of multi-process control
2011-07-13 Matthew P.... BlueGene fixes for new thread start/stop decision model.
2011-07-13 Matthew P.... Change how launcmon startup works on BG to account...
2011-07-13 Matthew P.... Re-add launchmon options to autoconf
2011-07-11 Matthew P.... Merge auk60:/home/legendre1/tools/dyninst/githead/dynin...
2011-07-11 Matthew P.... Fix previously over-zealous commit
2011-07-11 legendre1Major rewrite of process stop/continue decision mechanism:
2011-06-02 legendre1Undo runtests changes from earlier testsuite seperation...
2011-06-02 legendre1Merge zeus:~/tools/dyninst/githead/dyninst into pc_bluegene
2011-06-02 legendre1Misc PC fixes
2011-06-02 Matthew P.... Initial work for -mp mode on BlueGene
2011-06-02 Matthew P.... Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/dyn_pc_integration...
2011-06-01 Matthew P.... Fixes to get thread_db working on bluegene
2011-05-24 Matthew P.... Dyninst testsuite build fix
2011-05-24 Matthew P.... Refactoring ppc and x86 code with BlueGene PC port
2011-05-24 Matthew P.... Merge auk60:~/tools/dyninst/githead/dyninst into origin...
2011-05-24 Matthew P.... Merge fixes
2011-05-24 Matthew P.... Cleanup
2011-05-23 legendre1thread_db now working in async test framework on linux
2011-05-23 legendre1Fixes in new breakpoint handling mechanism
2011-05-20 legendre1Thread_db cleanup and fixes, targeted at bluegene
2011-05-20 Dan McNultyBuild fixes for FreeBSD.
2011-05-20 Daniel McNultyImplement temporary detach and re-attach for ProcContro...
2011-05-18 Dan McNultyMore testsuite fixes for FreeBSD.
2011-05-17 Dan McNultyTestsuite fixes for FreeBSD.
2011-05-17 legendre1Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dyn_pc_int...
2011-05-16 legendre1Merge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ../../breakp/dynin...
2011-05-16 legendre1Removed debugging print
2011-05-16 legendre1Working tests with new breakpoint mechanism
2011-05-13 Dan McNultyMissed an implementation of getOPDFunctionAddr on FreeBSD.
2011-05-13 Dan McNultyFix nightly build target in top-level Makefile.
2011-05-13 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ssh://mcnulty...
2011-05-13 Daniel McNultyFixes for NewInstpoint merge on Linux/ppc64.
2011-05-13 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ssh://git.dyninst...
2011-05-13 Dan McNultyMerge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ssh://mcnulty...
2011-05-13 Todd FrederickFix Makefile
2011-05-13 Dan McNultyBuild fix for FreeBSD/x86.
2011-05-13 Dan McNultyBuild fix for FreeBSD/x86_64.
2011-05-13 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'NewInstpoint' into dyn_pc_integration
2011-05-13 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'NewInstpoint' into dyn_pc_integration
2011-05-12 Andrew BernatFix ICC test1_20 failure
2011-05-12 Andrew BernatRemove obsolete BPatch_hybridAnalysis.h
2011-05-12 unknownMerge branch 'NewInstpoint' of brie.cs.wisc.edu:/p...
2011-05-12 Andrew BernatPPC build fixes
2011-05-12 unknownMerge branch 'NewInstpoint' of brie.cs.wisc.edu:/p...
2011-05-12 Andrew BernatRename *Atom* -> *Widget*
2011-05-12 unknownWindows bugfixes
2011-05-12 Daniel McNultyMerge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ssh://git.dyninst...
2011-05-12 Andrew Bernati386-linux fixes
2011-05-12 Dan McNultyMerge branch 'dyn_pc_integration' of ssh://wasabi.cs...
2011-05-12 Dan McNultyFix bugs in Dyninst's use of control transfer breakpoints.
2011-05-12 Andrew BernatFix two bugs: long branhces and getPC
2011-05-12 Todd FrederickAdjust StackwalkerAPI heuristics for FreeBSD
2011-05-12 Daniel McNultyBuild fixes for Linux/ppc32 and Linux/ppc64.