1996-02-11 tamchesAdded a check for null rootPtr before drawing
1996-02-11 tamchesshg message window now works correctly for multiple...
1996-02-11 tamchesremoved addToStatusDisplay
1996-02-11 tamchesinternal cleanup; more tk window names parameterized
1996-02-11 tamchesremoved this obsolete file
1996-02-11 tamchesfirst version; renamed from the former templatesDMPCV.C
1996-02-11 tamchestemplatesDMPCV.C to templatesDM.C
1996-02-10 naimChanging name of metric number_of_nodes by number_of_cp...
1996-02-09 naimChanges to the cost model - naim
1996-02-09 naimAdding new internal metric number_of_nodes - naim
1996-02-09 naimMinor fix, rounding error - naim
1996-02-09 naimChanges to observed cost model. Also, adding ifdef...
1996-02-09 mjrgput back a line that has been accidentally deleted
1996-02-09 mjrgfixed aggregation to handle first samples and addition...
1996-02-09 mjrgmetric inheritance now works in all cases
1996-02-09 karavanAdded performanceConsultant::globalRawDataServer and
1996-02-09 karavanAdded globalRawDataServer and currentRawDataServer...
1996-02-09 karavanChanges to support phase-level searching
1996-02-09 karavanadded getFocusNameFromHandle.
1996-02-09 karavanchanges to support multiple per-phase searches
1996-02-09 karavanchanges to support multiple per phase searching.
1996-02-08 newhallfixed Ave. aggregation for CM5 daemons, Max and Min...
1996-02-08 karavanadded PC-global variables to store current TC values.
1996-02-08 karavanchanged performance consultant's use of tunable constan...
1996-02-08 tamchesstarting a new phase w/ visis greyed out since not...
1996-02-08 tamchesremoved some old code
1996-02-08 tamchesimplementing starting a phase w/ pc
1996-02-08 tamchesDimmed the Help menu, since it's not yet implemented
1996-02-07 tamchesdefineNewSearch now returns bool should-redraw flag
1996-02-07 tamchesdefineNewSearch now returns bool
1996-02-07 tamchesfixed draw() bug that wouldn't properly double-buffer...
1996-02-07 tamchesdefineNewSearch returns bool
1996-02-07 tamchesdefineNewSearch returns bool flag
1996-02-07 tamchesremoved shgHack
1996-02-07 tamchesadded new phase menu
1996-02-07 tamchesremoved this obsolete file
1996-02-07 tamchesremoved include of whereAxisMisc.h, except for the...
1996-02-07 tamchesmade use of new routines in shgPhases which operate...
1996-02-07 tamchesadded draw(), resize, single/middle/doubleClick, scroll...
1996-02-07 tamchesformer globals currInstalledAltMoveHandler, ignoreNextS...
1996-02-07 tamchesaddNode, configNode, and addEdge now take in "isCurrShg...
1996-02-07 tamchesrethink_entire_layout, addNode, configNode, and addEdge now
1996-02-07 tamchesinitSHG gone
1996-02-07 tamchesadded deferred-phase-adding features
1996-02-07 tamchesgot rid of initSHG
1996-02-07 tamchesoops;undid the changes of previous version.
1996-02-07 tamchesadded uimpd_startPhaseCmd
1996-02-07 mjrguse perl to invoke tcl2c to avoid problems on HP.
1996-02-07 tamchesyet more proper usage of Tcl_SetResult
1996-02-07 tamchesadded templatesPCV.C
1996-02-07 tamchesremoved perf consultant and visi templates (should...
1996-02-07 tamchesfirst version; formerly a part of templatesDMPCV.C
1996-02-06 tamchesdon't delete newMetRes...
1996-02-06 mjrgInvoke tcl2c with perl, to avoid problems on HP.
1996-02-05 tamchesproper use of Tcl_SetResult fixes a purify problem
1996-02-05 newhallChange to DM interface: StartPhase and newPhaseCallback
1996-02-05 newhallStartPhase and newPhaseCallback to take 2 more paramete...
1996-02-05 newhallChange DM routine StartPhase and the def. of newPhaseCa...
1996-02-02 tamchesadded key & tips areas
1996-02-02 tamchesremoved a lot of obsolete code that had been commented out
1996-02-02 tamchesadded setResultBool
1996-02-02 tamchesadded shgDrawKeyCallback, shgDrawTipsCallback,
1996-02-02 tamchesadded shgDrawKeyCallback and shgDrawTipsCallback
1996-02-02 tamchesbetter multiple phase support
1996-02-02 tamchesshg color change: unknown is green more more readabilit...
1996-02-02 tamchesDisplaying extra information about an shg node has...
1996-02-02 tamchesDisplaying extra information about a node has moved...
1996-02-02 tamchesGlobal search initialized when the shg window is
1996-02-02 tamchesadded prelim version of ui_newPhaseDetected
1996-02-02 newhallfixed compile error
1996-02-02 naimEliminating old definition for observed cost - naim
1996-02-02 karavan Its a baby performance consultant!
1996-02-02 karavanIts a brand new baby performance consultant!
1996-02-02 karavanChanges for new performance consultant.
1996-02-02 karavanchanged resource::magnify to return struct like magnify2.
1996-02-02 karavanchanged dataManager::magnify() to return struct like...
1996-02-02 karavanmoved performance consultant related tunable constant...
1996-02-02 karavanA baby Performance Consultant is born!
1996-02-02 karavanoops! corrected call to performanceconsultant::newSearch
1996-02-02 karavanchanges to support new PC/UI interface
1996-02-02 karavanChanges to support the new PC/UI interface
1996-02-02 karavanRetirement day for the old performance consultant!
1996-02-02 karavanRetirement Day for the old performance consultant!
1996-02-02 karavanretirement day for the old performance consultant!
1996-02-01 naimMinor change - naim
1996-02-01 hollingsAdded missing function.
1996-02-01 hollingsFixing Critical Path to work.
1996-02-01 hollingsForgot to commit this file two weeks ago.
1996-02-01 naimFixing some problems related to timers and race conditi...
1996-02-01 naimFixing some problems related to timers and race conditi...
1996-02-01 naimRedefining smooth_obs_cost, fixing some bugs related...
1996-02-01 tamchesoops, fixed a minor vrble name misspelling
1996-02-01 tamchessuppressed duplicate of "Whole Program" which was somet...
1996-01-31 newhalladded comments
1996-01-31 newhallfix to average aggregation so that non-internal metrics...
1996-01-31 newhalladded a weight value and an internal metric flag to...
1996-01-31 newhallchanges to do average aggregation correctly
1996-01-31 newhalladded a newValue method that takes a vector of weights...
1996-01-30 hollingsAdded the cost model to the POWER version of Paradyn
1996-01-30 tamchesremoved include to obsolete file shgDisplay.h