1995-12-19 tamcheschangeUnitsLabel now takes in a string &, not char *
1995-12-18 tamcheswrapped blizzard-specific templates in an ifdef
1995-12-18 newhallchanged metric's units type to have one of three values...
1995-12-18 newhallchanged metric units type so that it can have one of...
1995-12-18 naimAdding function showErrorVisiCallback to display error...
1995-12-18 naimMinor change to error message 87 - naim
1995-12-18 mjrgMinor change to compile with gcc 2.6.3.
1995-12-18 naimEliminating all "daemon" metrics - naim
1995-12-18 naimMinor change to status line messages - naim
1995-12-17 zhichenHopefully, the samples will arrive
1995-12-17 zhichenThis time i hope i really fixed the no sample problem
1995-12-17 zhichenHopefully, i have fixed the sample not reporting problem
1995-12-16 tamchesremoved instantiations of pair<K,V> related to dictiona...
1995-12-16 tamchesremoved VPATH to ../../barChart
1995-12-16 tamchescommented out keys()
1995-12-16 tamchesremoved keys() member function which in turn removes...
1995-12-16 tamchesadded a template needed by blizzard
1995-12-15 tamchesremoved reference to "dag", an obsolete directory.
1995-12-15 tamchesfixed bug where Wmbar wasn't being made a global vrble
1995-12-15 mjrgGet module name for functions from symbol table in...
1995-12-15 mjrgMerged paradynd and paradyndPVM
1995-12-15 mjrgMerged paradynd and paradyndPVM
1995-12-15 tamchesfirst version of phaseTable
1995-12-15 naimAdding error msg #87: max. number of curves in Histogra...
1995-12-15 naimAdding call back function to display error messages...
1995-12-15 naimChanging "hybrid_cost" by "smooth_obs_cost" - naim
1995-12-14 mjrgRemoved $(FLAGS) from ASFLAGS, beucause this is causing...
1995-12-14 newhallbug fix to flushBuffer
1995-12-14 mjrgChanged EXIT_NAME to 'exit'.
1995-12-13 mjrgCommented out logLine message.
1995-12-13 newhallupdate for new return values from some DM interface...
1995-12-13 newhallchanged some DM interface return values to const char*
1995-12-13 newhallchanged return values from string* to const char*
1995-12-12 newhallreplaced templates.C with 3 template files
1995-12-12 newhalldivided templates.C into 3 template files
1995-12-12 newhallbug fix
1995-12-11 naimImplementing >, >=, < and <= operators - naim
1995-12-11 newhallchanged magnify2 to return the resourceList label with...
1995-12-11 newhalladded vector of rlNameId
1995-12-11 newhallchanged magnify2 to return a resourceList label with...
1995-12-11 newhallinitialize bucket values to NaN rather than to zero
1995-12-10 hollingsFixed relops and if to generate the correct branch...
1995-12-10 zhichenReport send_tries, message buffered and sent for parady...
1995-12-10 zhichenMinor clean up
1995-12-10 zhichenMinor cleanup
1995-12-10 tamchesadded some comments
1995-12-09 tamchesput implementation of Status routines into Status.C
1995-12-09 tamchessplit timer routines into Timer.h and Timer.C
1995-12-09 tamchesadded Timer.C
1995-12-09 tamchesremoved a lot of warnings under g++ 2.7.x
1995-12-09 tamchesshift-dbl-click now togggles highlight, like ctrl-dbl...
1995-12-09 tamchesadded const qualifier to hashFunc
1995-12-09 tamchesadded some missing templates
1995-12-08 tamchesadded printing (for debugging purposes)
1995-12-08 naimAdding -R/usr/openwin/lib for Solaris. Otherwise rthist...
1995-12-08 naimDisabling SAVE button because it is not implemented...
1995-12-08 naimError message changed (adding newline) - naim
1995-12-08 tamchesadded PriorityQueue
1995-12-08 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-12-08 tamchesadded cvs log; added some comments
1995-12-08 tamchesfirst version of priority queue class
1995-12-05 naimFixing bucket_width metric - naim
1995-12-05 zhichenI fixed the bug the the marco TRACE update TRACELIBcurr...
1995-12-05 zhichenAdded some instanciation of templates for paradyn+blizzard
1995-12-03 newhallchange PVM_DIR to use PVM_ROOT and PVM_ARCH env variables
1995-12-03 newhallchange namespace to NAMESPACE
1995-12-03 newhallchange so that it will compile using g++ 2.7.1
1995-12-03 newhallchanges to support new sampleDataCallbackFunc
1995-12-03 newhalladded BufferPool
1995-12-03 newhalladded buffering of data values between DM and client...
1995-12-03 newhallchange sampleDataCallbackFunc to take a vector of data...
1995-12-03 newhallchanged units labeling to match type of data being...
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved obsolete tk_menuBar reference
1995-12-01 tamchesadded templates for the new hard-coded logo
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved warnings (tclclean.h; tkclean.h)
1995-12-01 tamchesadded new SRCS: pdLogo.C, tkTools.C, minmax.C; updated
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved some warnings (tclclean.h; tkclean.h)
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved some warnings (tclclean.h)
1995-11-30 naimChanged the units of bucket_width - naim
1995-11-30 naimChanged error message 33 - Cannot find instrumentation...
1995-11-30 naimMinor change to bucket_width metric - naim
1995-11-30 naimFixing bug related to SampledFunction for internal...
1995-11-30 naimMinor fix - naim
1995-11-30 naimMinor fix: abbreviating focusName for error message...
1995-11-30 naimAdding bucket_width metric - naim
1995-11-30 krisnaadded call to matherr in main.C
1995-11-29 krisnachange C++ comments to C comments (C/C++ compilation...
1995-11-29 krisnaendif -> #endif
1995-11-29 krisnahpux/hppa instrumentation code
1995-11-29 krisnaadded inlines for compiler. added templates
1995-11-29 krisnadeleted orphan code
1995-11-29 krisnahpux symbol table code
1995-11-29 krisnahpux instrumentation buffer size change
1995-11-29 tamchesadded to tableVisi
1995-11-29 tamchesWe now call makeLogo
1995-11-29 tamchesadded lots of templates needed for new pdLogo stuff
1995-11-29 tamchesparadyn logo is now hard-coded
1995-11-29 tamchesadded pdLogo.C
1995-11-29 tamchesadded lots of new template instantiations needed for...