1999-06-30 davisj*** empty log message ***
1999-06-29 hollingsCleanup tests cases to support -run option.
1999-06-29 wylieAdded missing BPatch_entry to BPatch_location switch
1999-06-29 wylieModified findPoint (allLocations) to return a vector...
1999-06-29 wyliePurify cleanliness
1999-06-29 cainFixed shadow node bug in call graph.
1999-06-28 karavanAdded persistent data tunable constant
1999-06-28 karavancleanup fixes for the paradyn export feature.
1999-06-24 pcrothUpdated examination of PARADYN_LIB environment variable...
1999-06-24 pcrothRemoved unused examination of code in data segments...
1999-06-21 csserrafix stack frame analysis for mips-sgi-irix6.4
1999-06-20 wylieGeneralized to multiple tests/mutatees
1999-06-20 wylieSanitization
1999-06-20 wylieMinor rearrangement
1999-06-18 wylieAdded test3
1999-06-18 wylieFix for test#2 which was failing on WindowsNT (and...
1999-06-18 wylieAdditional debug/trace info
1999-06-18 wylieTidy
1999-06-18 wylieClean-up
1999-06-18 wylieAdded test3 to TARGETS for cleanup
1999-06-18 hollingsAdded test3
1999-06-18 hollingsNew tests for multiple active processes.
1999-06-18 hollingsFixed alpha port to work with multiple active threads.
1999-06-18 zhichenModified findAndInstallBaseTramp, so that we will use...
1999-06-17 wylieAdded USES_LIBDYNISTRT_SO=true to make explicit the...
1999-06-17 wylieRephrased USES_LIBDYNINSTRT_SO for WNT platform
1999-06-17 wylieAdded check of environment variables for run-time libra...
1999-06-17 wylieRephrased USES_LIBDYNINSTRT_SO for WNT platform
1999-06-17 wylieSilence compiler warnings
1999-06-17 wylieMade use of DYNINSTAPI_RT_LIB environment variable...
1999-06-17 hollingsFixed mmap to use ANONYMOUS rather than /dev/zero.
1999-06-17 pcrothAdded support for using CodeView NB11 symbols in additi...
1999-06-17 wylieSanitization of test #17
1999-06-17 wylieExtra tracing/assertions in test #17
1999-06-17 wylieRemoved compilation warning
1999-06-17 wylieReorganized test prologue.
1999-06-17 csserrasplit heap support
1999-06-17 csserrasplit heap support
1999-06-17 csserramodule parsing fix
1999-06-16 csserrainitial mips-sgi-irix6.4 paradynd commit
1999-06-16 csserraremove libelfutil.a dependency (mips-sgi-irix6.4)
1999-06-16 csserramath exception struct cleanup
1999-06-16 csserrainitial mips-sgi-irix6.4 paradynd commit
1999-06-10 hollingsAdded warning about code that must track save/restore.
1999-06-10 hollingsremoved . from path name.
1999-06-10 hollingsFixed assorted small Alpha bugs.
1999-06-09 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4:
1999-06-08 csserraAddress type propagation
1999-06-08 csserra"unsigned long long" cleanup
1999-06-08 csserramodule parsing fix
1999-06-08 hollingsallow attach on Alpha.
1999-06-08 csserramodule parsing cleanup
1999-06-08 csserramodule parsing cleanup
1999-06-08 csserragetCyclesPerSecond() support
1999-06-08 csserracleanup
1999-06-08 csserramakefile cleanup
1999-06-08 csserractor missing member initialization
1999-06-08 csserracleanup for libdyninstAPI.so
1999-06-08 csserragetCyclesPerSecond() support
1999-06-04 cainCleaned up some function prototypes to remove compiler...
1999-06-04 cainAdded support for call graph based PC searches.
1999-06-03 paradynAdded a couple of dummy returns to placate VC++5.0
1999-06-03 paradynRemoved TARGET3_SO LDFLAG "-z text" not available on...
1999-06-03 nashChanged mdl exclude to check both libraries and functio...
1999-05-31 wylieCorrected ambigious syntax "array[i]->member = i++...
1999-05-31 wylieParameterized "link"
1999-05-30 paradynRemoved duplicate default parameter specification ...
1999-05-29 wylieReorganized build to make it more consistent, especiall...
1999-05-29 wylieCorrected SUITE_NAME and removed requirement for linkin...
1999-05-29 wylieCorrected SUITE_NAME
1999-05-29 wylieUpdated build configuration to make USES_LIBDYNINST_SO...
1999-05-29 wylieRemoved spurious LIBS dependencies
1999-05-29 wylieReorganized build to make it more consistent for shared...
1999-05-29 wylieTidied-up build to make it more consistent
1999-05-29 wylieTidied-up build to make it more consistent, especially...
1999-05-29 wylieCorrected SUITE_NAME
1999-05-29 wylieAdded "-V" command-line option to output information...
1999-05-29 wylieTidy
1999-05-29 wylieReplaced remaining references to DynInstAPI with DyninstAPI
1999-05-29 wylieExpunged references to "DynInst" and generally clarifie...
1999-05-29 wylieStandard ignore file
1999-05-28 hollingsAdded frame relative AST types.
1999-05-28 nashFixed file cvs Id
1999-05-28 nashFixed an error where linux rtinst used floor from the...
1999-05-28 nashCleaned up dlopenDYNINSTlib to make it more robust
1999-05-26 cainFixed performance consultant to prevent call graph...
1999-05-25 nash- Added support for a remoteShell field in daemon defin...
1999-05-25 nash- Fixed process::loopUntilStopped to be correct for...
1999-05-25 hollingsFixed attach bug for Alpha.
1999-05-25 hollingsFixed Register definition for use with if-then.
1999-05-25 zandyreplaceFunctionCall: correct target function address...
1999-05-25 wylieTidied-up (addressing AIX build problem as well)
1999-05-25 wylieReinstated normal build targets
1999-05-25 wylieTidied-up to avoid compilation warnings
1999-05-24 zhichenFixed a bug that causes sparc-solaris2.5.1 to crash...
1999-05-24 cainAdded modifications for call graph support.
1999-05-24 cainAdded support for the call graph.
1999-05-24 cainAdded support for call graph.
1999-05-24 cainAdded appropriate error message for call graph.
1999-05-24 cainCreates call graph display