1994-07-30 newhalladded visi interface routines Enabled and BulkDataTransfer
1994-07-30 newhalladded enabled member to gridcell to indicate that the...
1994-07-28 hollingsclear g7 on init, and fixed DYNINSTcyclesToUsec.
1994-07-28 krisnachanged definitions/declarations of xalloc functions...
1994-07-28 krisnaproper starting code for PCmain thread
1994-07-28 krisnaproper starting sequence for VMmain thread
1994-07-28 krisnaproper starting sequence for VISIthreadmain thread
1994-07-28 krisnaproper starting sequence for UImain thread
1994-07-28 krisnaproper prototypes and starting code for thread main...
1994-07-28 krisnainclude <rpc/types.h>
1994-07-28 krisnachanged output file definitions to declarations,
1994-07-28 krisnachanged definition of ERROR to use NaN(X)
1994-07-28 krisnachanged definitions of ReadFunc and WriteFunc to confor...
1994-07-28 krisnachanged declaration of xdrIOFunc to conform to prototypes
1994-07-26 hollingsadded cast to ensure hash table pointers are positive.
1994-07-26 hollingsfixed clock code.
1994-07-26 hollingsremoved slots used variables.
1994-07-26 hollingschanged default heap to 2Meg.
1994-07-26 hollingsadded resetActiveFlag
1994-07-26 hollingsadded suppressSearch.
1994-07-26 hollingsfixed heap allocation to use hash tables.
1994-07-26 hollingsswitch to select based polling of nodes.
1994-07-26 hollingsremoved un userd if
1994-07-26 hollingsnew file to define instruction types and fields.
1994-07-26 hollingsadded CMMDhostless variable.
1994-07-26 hollingsremoved slots executed counter.
1994-07-26 hollingsmoved instruction definitions to seperate header file.
1994-07-26 hollingscommented out print statements.
1994-07-25 rbiScrollbars are even more comely than before.
1994-07-25 hollingsadded suppress resource option.
1994-07-25 hollingsAdded histogram to PCmetric so we only use data for...
1994-07-22 hollingsremoved supress SHG option for now.
1994-07-22 hollingsadded actual paused time for CM-5.
1994-07-22 hollingsadded reporting of actual pause time for CM-5
1994-07-22 hollingsremoved mistaken divid by 1Meg for predicted cost.
1994-07-22 hollingsadded pauseTime and wallTime.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTimeMetric to machine specific area.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTimeMetric here, and added lib func...
1994-07-22 hollingsupdate cost data, move pausetime in here.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTime to machine specific area.
1994-07-21 rbiNo more jumpy resizes.
1994-07-21 rbiYANS -- Yet another new style
1994-07-21 hollingsremoved extra polls of the nodes for printfs.
1994-07-21 hollingsFixed to skip over null point and ast nodes for addInst...
1994-07-20 hollingsmade time in code gen stat stadard.
1994-07-20 hollingsadded insn generated metric.
1994-07-20 hollingsAdded real code for cost model.
1994-07-20 hollingsadded code to record time spend generating instrumentation.
1994-07-20 rbiSmall arguments fix to make identification of wildcards...
1994-07-20 rbiSmall type change
1994-07-20 newhalladded FirstValidBucket method function to visi_GridCell...
1994-07-20 rbiBetter support for BW and standard color scheme
1994-07-20 rbiDocumented Dg commands
1994-07-20 hollingsadded resource batch mode.
1994-07-20 rbiRemoved annoying printf
1994-07-20 rbiCut and Paste for Entries (Yahoo!) and better BW support
1994-07-20 hollingsadded resourceBatchMode
1994-07-19 markcMoved "include "metricExt.h"" to main.C from paradyn...
1994-07-19 markcMade machineName default to zero as last parameter...
1994-07-19 markcMade machineName default to zero as last parameter...
1994-07-18 hollingsadded extra arg to RPC_make_arg_list.
1994-07-16 hollingsstopped using assembly version of clocks (temporary).
1994-07-16 hollingsfixed stats to not devidi by 1meg, fixed negative time...
1994-07-15 hollingsmade all fileds of records be 32 bits not 64 bits.
1994-07-15 hollingsfixed 64 bit record to be 32 bits.
1994-07-15 hollingsadded code to report stats at the end.
1994-07-15 hollingsmoved dyninst stats to stats.C
1994-07-15 hollingsMade the resource entry a useful size.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded batch mode for SHG, fixed the sort function to...
1994-07-14 hollingsadded checks to make sure met is non null.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded beenTrue.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded flag to record if a SHG node has ever been true.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded getCurrentHybridCost, and fixed max for predicted...
1994-07-14 hollingsadded hybrid cost model.
1994-07-14 hollingsChanged printf of resource to be TCL list like.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded getCurrentHybridCost
1994-07-14 hollingsadded abort for malloc failure.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded extra arg to generateTrace.
1994-07-14 hollingsadded return of cost model record.
1994-07-14 hollingsAdded extra arg to generateTrace, ifdefs out DYNINST...
1994-07-14 hollingsadded include of kludges.h
1994-07-14 hollingsadded cost record type and end stats record.
1994-07-14 hollingsHybrid cost model added.
1994-07-14 hollingsCorrected file mask on io redirection.
1994-07-14 jcargillAdded kludges file to clean up compilation warnings.
1994-07-14 jcargillAdded new file for dynRPC functions, and a default...
1994-07-14 jcargillMajor CM5 changes for new ptrace, and new transport...
1994-07-14 jcargillRemoved call to flushPtrace
1994-07-14 jcargillRemoved some dead code, added called to processArchDepe...
1994-07-14 jcargillRenamed connection-related variables (family, port...
1994-07-14 jcargillAdded a couple of new ptrace requests for CM5 nodes
1994-07-14 jcargillChanges to ptraceReq header structure to accomodate...
1994-07-14 jcargillRemoved old call to flushPtrace -- not needed anymore
1994-07-12 jcargillFixed logLine for printing out samples w/64 bit time
1994-07-12 jcargillRemoved some old/dead code
1994-07-12 jcargillAdded warning if a function's code appears to be a...
1994-07-12 jcargillFixed tagArg; changed to instrumenting CMMDs instead...
1994-07-12 jcargillAdded warning for functions not found in initialRequest...
1994-07-12 jcargillRemoved old code, added ability for fork paradyndCM5...
1994-07-12 jcargillHardware combine on the CM5 no longer requires a specia...