1994-04-06 markcAdded null string tests.
1994-04-06 markcAdded constructor for client side of xdr based code.
1994-04-06 markcAdded "include <assert.h>"
1994-04-06 markcFirst log message.
1994-04-06 karavanadded working versions of getMetricsandResources, showE...
1994-04-06 karavanadded call to tcl initialization script
1994-04-06 karavanchanged interp to global
1994-04-05 rbiFixed a bunch of tcl related stuff.
1994-04-05 karavanReinstated User Interface.
1994-04-05 karavanInitial version.
1994-04-05 karavaninitial version of UI thread code and tcl paradyn command
1994-04-05 karavanChanged order of thread initialization to avoid deadloc...
1994-04-04 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-04-04 newhalladded synchronization code to PCmain
1994-04-04 newhalladded synchronization code to DM thread startup
1994-04-01 hollingsmade max number of bins public.
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded calls to query bucketWidth and max number of...
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded init of well known socket fd global.
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded ability to start remote paradynd's
1994-04-01 hollingsRemoved kill of rsh process (not needed and it causes...
1994-04-01 markcPut in support to encode NULL ptrs to strings in xdr_St...
1994-04-01 markcAdded checks in genBundler.
1994-04-01 markcAdded checks in bundlers. Fixed xdrrec_endofrecord.
1994-03-31 hollingsadded well known port as a paramter to xdrRPC constructor.
1994-03-31 hollingsFixed xdr_endofrecord bug and added wellKnownScoket...
1994-03-31 markcAdded Log for rcs.
1994-03-31 markcAdded code to initialize versionVerifyDone
1994-03-31 markcparadyndPVM keeps a process at neonatal until the first...
1994-03-31 markcChanged to fork for paradyndPVM since client calls...
1994-03-31 markcExtended arguments to createProcess.
1994-03-31 markcAdded support for pauseProcess, continueProcess. Added...
1994-03-31 markcDuplicated changes in inst-sunos.C.
1994-03-31 markcAdded default args to addProcess definition.
1994-03-31 markcExtended parameters for addProcess, which default to...
1994-03-31 markcAdded pauseProcess, continueProcess member functions.
1994-03-31 markcAdded dataManager continue/pause Process.
1994-03-31 markcadded pause/continue Process.
1994-03-30 newhallexported services of the Visualization Manager thread
1994-03-30 newhallexported services of visualization threads of paradyn
1994-03-29 karavaninitial version for testing.
1994-03-29 karavaninitial version for testing
1994-03-29 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-29 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-29 newhallexported services of the visualization process
1994-03-26 jcargillChanged the pause/continue code. Now it really stops...
1994-03-26 hollingsChanged sample time to be consistant.
1994-03-26 hollingsChanged sample time from time64 to sampleTime.
1994-03-26 newhallchange all floats to double
1994-03-26 newhallchanged all floats to double
1994-03-26 newhallchange all floats to double
1994-03-25 hollingsMade active_processes a sampledFunction.
1994-03-25 hollingsMade the data manager tolerate paraynd's dying.
1994-03-25 hollingsGet the test for callErr right.
1994-03-25 hollingsmade write failuers return the correct error code.
1994-03-25 hollingsChanged all asserts to set the error member variable...
1994-03-25 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-25 markcAdded option to specify timeout on readReady.
1994-03-25 markcAdded option to specify timeout on readReady.
1994-03-25 markcAdded retry to write which could be interrupted by...
1994-03-24 hollingsFixed log variable
1994-03-24 hollingsInitial revision
1994-03-24 hollingsMoved aggregation of samples here.
1994-03-24 hollingsMoved sample aggregation to lib/util (so paradyn could...
1994-03-24 hollingsAdded support for multiple paradynd's at once.
1994-03-22 hollingsMade it possible to add new processes (& paradynd's...
1994-03-21 hollingsChanged the mid to mi mapping to be per paradyn daemon...
1994-03-20 markcAdded a buffer to each process structure to allow for...
1994-03-20 markcGave process structure a buffer to allow multiple write...
1994-03-20 markcAdded support for paradyn daemon name. igen function...
1994-03-20 markcChanged xdr_Boolean to char rather than int to reflect...
1994-03-20 markcChanged xdr_Boolean to char rather than int to reflect...
1994-03-18 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-18 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-17 jcargillChanged type of "Boolean" to be a char, to be consisten...
1994-03-17 newhallchanged eventCallbacks type, and the constraints on...
1994-03-17 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-17 newhallchanged bucket width and time value's type to double
1994-03-17 newhalladded lastBucketFilled data member to class visi_GridCe...
1994-03-17 newhallchange callback type
1994-03-17 newhallinteractive pseudo paradyn visi_thread, generates its...
1994-03-17 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-17 newhalladded int parameters to callback routines
1994-03-15 newhalladded public member "userdata" to class visi_GridCellHisto
1994-03-14 newhallsample X application with interface routines added
1994-03-14 newhallpsuedo visualization application.
1994-03-14 newhallpsuedo paradyn side vis-thread
1994-03-14 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-14 newhallchanged visi subdirectory structure
1994-03-11 hollingsWait min. observation time between calls to eval. ...
1994-03-11 hollingsChanged Boolean from int to char to match X11 convention.
1994-03-11 newhalltest routines for visi library
1994-03-10 jcargillChanged the "man" target to "docs". Fixed install...
1994-03-08 hollingsAdded foldCallback and getResourceListName.
1994-03-08 hollingsAdded fold callback and changed from multiple data...
1994-03-07 markcAdded support to free arrays of classes.
1994-03-07 markcAdded test of array of classes.
1994-03-07 markcSet callErr to 0 in constructors.
1994-03-07 markcAdded code to detect failures for xdr code. Provides...
1994-03-07 markcAdded tests for new features.
1994-03-06 markcAdded float as a basic type.