1997-01-16 tamchesadded some comments
1997-01-16 tamchesfirst working version of attach
1997-01-16 tamchesattachProcess() takes in dir + cmd args.
1997-01-16 tamchesmoved some code out of here and into processNewTSConnec...
1997-01-16 tamchesmoved RPC_undo_arg_list here from util lib
1997-01-16 tamchessome routines have moved to class process
1997-01-16 tamchesremoved flushPtrace
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach() for dir and cmd name
1997-01-16 tamchesadded processNewTSConnection().
1997-01-16 tamchesadded processNewTSConnection. forkProcess no longer...
1997-01-16 tamchesadded "dir" and "command" boxes to attach dialog box
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach for dir + prog-name
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach for dir and program name
1997-01-16 tamchesbumped up version number
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach()
1997-01-16 tamchesremoved dependence on CONTROLLER_FD (always 3 which...
1997-01-16 tamchesparams to DYNINSTos_init
1997-01-16 tamchesremoved CONTROLLER_FD
1997-01-16 tamchesremoved RPC_undo_arg_list (to paradynd)
1997-01-16 tamchesremoved RPC_undo_arg_list
1997-01-15 tamchescompletely revamped fork & exec -- they now work with...
1997-01-15 tamchescompletely revamped fork and exec -- they now work...
1997-01-15 tamchescompletely revamped fork & exec -- they now work for...
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach ctor.
1997-01-15 tamchesremoved some unused stuff from last commit
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach ctor. Removed instInstanceMapping. Removed
1997-01-15 tamchesextra param to mdl_do() and associated routines tells...
1997-01-15 tamchesadded dictionary <metricDefinitionNode*,metricDefinitio...
1997-01-15 tamchesadded an extern decl
1997-01-15 tamchesadded some uses of dictionary find() method
1997-01-15 tamchesadded uses of dictionary find() method. Added some...
1997-01-15 tamchesextra bool param to mdl_do()
1997-01-15 tamchesadded some debug msgs
1997-01-15 tamchesadded extern ref
1997-01-15 tamchesadded isInternalMetric()
1997-01-15 tamchesadded getAllInstInstancesForProcess()
1997-01-15 tamchesadded completeTheFork()
1997-01-15 tamchesadded fork and exec support
1997-01-15 tamchesrevamped fork and exec support
1997-01-15 tamchesadded assertWellDefined()
1997-01-15 tamchesmid check on sampling not really needed, so ifdef'd...
1997-01-15 tamchesadded routines for fork and exec
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach()
1997-01-15 tamchescommented out some unused code
1997-01-15 tamchesadded processVec extern
1997-01-15 tamchesadded isCostMetric()
1997-01-15 tamchesimprovided handling of fork and exec
1997-01-15 tamchesforkProcess() params changed
1997-01-15 tamchesimproved fork and exec support
1997-01-15 tamchesadded an attach menu item
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach error
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach
1997-01-15 tamchesextra bool arg to apply
1997-01-15 tamchesremoved references to getCurrent() method of class...
1997-01-15 tamchesremoved some warnings
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach command
1997-01-15 tamchesadded batch mode support
1997-01-15 tamchesmade getCurrent() private; added many public members...
1997-01-15 tamchesadded calls to abstraction::start and end batch mode
1997-01-15 tamchesimproved exec support
1997-01-15 tamchesattachStub(); improved exec support
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attachStub()
1997-01-15 tamchesremoved some obsolete refs
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach()
1997-01-15 tamchesfork revamped for shm sampling (shm_detach_reattach_ove...
1997-01-14 tamchesadded divMillion routine. Added a use of mulMillion.
1997-01-14 tamcheschanges to fork, exec processing
1997-01-14 tamchesadded some new int convertion ctors. Added debug_ostre...
1997-01-14 tamchesfirst version
1997-01-14 tamchesadded some new int conversion ctors. Added debug_ostre...
1997-01-14 tamchesadded debugOstream.C
1997-01-06 newhallchanged r_type to res_type. /p/sp2/gcc/rs6000/include...
1997-01-06 newhallchanged func_data to functype_data. /p/sp2/gcc/rs6000...
1996-12-23 newhallchanged the way we are getting shared objects on Solari...
1996-12-18 newhallkludgey fix to race condition that can occur when a...
1996-12-17 mjrgReplaced strtoul strtol because strtoul doesn't exist...
1996-12-17 mjrgAdded include for procinfo.h
1996-12-16 mjrgPartial fix to fork on AIX
1996-12-16 mjrgChanges to the way a forked process connects to daemon...
1996-12-16 mjrgbug fixes to fork/exec on all platforms, partial fix...
1996-12-15 newhallfix to exec on Solaris platform
1996-12-12 newhallpartial fix to fork and exec for dynamic executables
1996-12-12 karavanremoved test hypothesis I accidentally committed
1996-12-11 newhallfixed compile error with visi_GridHistoArray operator=
1996-12-11 mjrgfixed problems with handling of fork and exec
1996-12-10 newhalladded visi_PrintDataBuckets, changed the way data grid...
1996-12-10 newhalladded visi_PrintDataBuckets
1996-12-08 karavanpart 1 of 2 part commit to add new searching functionality
1996-12-06 newhallbug fix to findSignalHandler
1996-12-06 tamchessome debug prints put inside ifdef
1996-12-06 tamcheschanged getInferiorProcessCPUtime() to use PIOCUSAGE
1996-12-06 tamchesadded existsRPCinProgress
1996-12-06 tamchesadded existsRPCinProgress method;
1996-12-06 tamchesifdefd some debug messages; improved comments.
1996-12-06 tamchestimers routines revamped. no more mutex vrble. protec...
1996-12-06 tamchesDYNINSTgetCPUtime revamped. Can't use gethrvtime(...
1996-12-06 tamchestTimerRec when shm sampling has protector vrbles, but...
1996-12-06 tamchesno longer try to set type and normalize fields of tTime...
1996-12-06 tamchesremoved a debug print