2011-01-22 Madhavi KrishnanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2011-01-22 Madhavi KrishnanUpdating testsuite make files
2011-01-22 Madhavi KrishnanBluegene testsuite fixes.
2011-01-21 Madhavi KrishnanBluegene testsuite fixes
2011-01-21 Daniel McNultyFix for bug in loading RT library during attach on...
2011-01-19 Madhavi KrishnanTestsuite fix
2011-01-18 Madhavi KrishnanMore ppc32_bgp changes
2011-01-18 Madhavi KrishnanAdding ppc32_bgp to make.config
2011-01-14 Madhavi KrishnanAdding new platform:ppc32_bgp
2011-01-10 Todd FrederickStackwalker: Fix x86 stack pointer calculation
2011-01-07 David AeschlimannAIX build fix.
2011-01-07 David AeschlimannAIX build fix
2011-01-06 David Aeschlimanni386 build fix for dynC generated source files.
2011-01-06 David AeschlimannAIX fix
2011-01-04 David AeschlimannFixed release number error
2011-01-04 David AeschlimannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2011-01-04 David AeschlimannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2010-12-22 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://bill@git.dyninst.org...
2010-12-22 Bill WilliamsIAPI opcode fix: refer to si/addic aliased instructions...
2010-12-22 Bill WilliamsAdd XMM registers per ABI to call/return read/write...
2010-12-22 Bill WilliamsExit early, falling back to using current file for...
2010-12-21 Andrew BernatImplement IA_IAPI copy methods
2010-12-21 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-12-21 Andrew BernatFix corruption bug copying IA_IAPI instruction adapters
2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanAdding missed files in parseAPI previous commit.
2010-12-21 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2010-12-21 Andrew BernatSymbolic expansion now returns an error code if we...
2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanAdding findFuncs to parseAPI manual.
2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanAdding semantics for stbx (ppc32) instruction.
2010-12-21 Drew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-12-21 Drew BernatAdd PPC return analysis-specific slicing predicates...
2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanIdentify shared code regions
2010-12-20 Andrew BernatCheck widen/end predicates in slicing; don't assert...
2010-12-20 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-12-20 Andrew BernatPrototype implementation of "unknown" default semantics...
2010-12-19 Madhavi KrishnanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2010-12-19 Madhavi KrishnanMisc power rewriter commit
2010-12-17 Matthew LegendreFix issue where 32-bit mutatees were not being filtered...
2010-12-16 Ray ChenAdds placeholders for 5 additional PowerPC instructions...
2010-12-15 Madhavi KrishnanPower bug fix
2010-12-14 Andrew BernatREX.W overrides side prefix; fix incorrect decoding
2010-12-13 Matthew LegendreMerge branch 'athome'
2010-12-13 Matt LegendreBuild fix for AIX
2010-12-13 U-azul\legendreFix Windows build
2010-12-13 Madhavi KrishnanPower rewriter cleanup
2010-12-13 Madhavi KrishnanMinor fixes
2010-12-10 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-12-10 Matthew LegendreFixes for StackwalkerAPI on BlueGene
2010-12-10 Andrew BernatFix instrumentation side effects; we had been erroneous...
2010-12-09 Kevin RoundyTurns off gap parsing for Dyninst's runtime library...
2010-12-06 Madhavi Krishnanx86 fix
2010-12-05 Ray ChenFix for vxWorks platform.
2010-12-05 Ray ChenOptimize the x86/x86_64 stack alignment sequence.
2010-12-05 Madhavi Krishnanx86 build fix for previous commit
2010-12-04 Madhavi Krishnanpowerpc rewriter commit
2010-12-04 Madhavi KrishnanForce FP saves
2010-12-03 Madhavi KrishnanEnable powerpc traps.
2010-12-03 Madhavi Krishnanpowerpc instruction semantics
2010-12-03 Madhavi KrishnanSlicing changes
2010-12-03 Madhavi KrishnanMinor commit
2010-12-02 Bill WilliamsMake symlinks local to the install directory, rather...
2010-12-02 Bill WilliamsMake destination directories have absolute paths so...
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsRemove dead code (save_the_world, #if 0).
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsA few more fixes for RTlib naming.
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsAdd absolute conditionals and blrl to ppc semantics.
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsAdd component versioning information to all components...
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsChanges for library versioning; verified on linux/x86_6...
2010-12-01 Bill WilliamsAdd --exe option for runhunt mode--allows runhunt to...
2010-11-30 Daniel McNultyComment out debugging code in ProcControlAPI.
2010-11-23 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-11-23 Todd FrederickBPatch interface to specify non-returning functions
2010-11-23 Emily JacobsonRemove cycle edges before populating expansion worklist...
2010-11-23 Emily JacobsonRemove self-loops from slices.
2010-11-19 Nathan RosenblumEliminate spurious `thunk function' detection on x86
2010-11-19 Nathan RosenblumOptimize order of slice expansion
2010-11-19 Nathan RosenblumImproves efficiency of the slicing algorithm
2010-11-16 Daniel McNultyFixes for bug 1081, bug 1104 (fork test bugs)
2010-11-12 Ray ChenForce stack alignment on x86/x86_64 platforms.
2010-11-11 Mike LamAdded missing instruction entries to IAPI string map
2010-11-09 Mike LamFix for non-cap_registers platforms
2010-11-09 Mike LamAdded optional parameter in getRegisters to return...
2010-11-09 Mike LamAdded missing header files
2010-11-09 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-11-09 Todd FrederickFix bug 1144, Register liveness on Power
2010-11-05 Kevin RoundyFixes IBSTree::successor bug that could trigger after...
2010-11-04 Andrew BernatFix segfault in symbolic expansion due to inconsistent...
2010-11-04 Emily JacobsonCleanup.
2010-11-04 Emily JacobsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2010-11-04 Emily JacobsonChanged backward slicing to not re-trigger parsing...
2010-11-03 Kevin RoundyFixes BPatch_basicBlockLoop::hasAncestor
2010-11-02 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of git.dyninst.org:/pub/dyninst
2010-11-02 Nathan RosenblumPrevent duplication of cached call edges
2010-11-02 Andrew BernatWindows build fix
2010-11-01 Andrew BernatEnable Windows register liveness.
2010-11-01 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.dyninst.org/pub...
2010-11-01 Todd FrederickStackwalker documentation corrections
2010-10-29 Nathan RosenblumUse provided names for PLT functions, if available.
2010-10-29 Kevin RoundyAdded stackwalker documentation to the repository
2010-10-29 Ray ChenSmall fix for vxWorks platform.