2014-02-04 ParadynMore windows fixes
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsClean up bad merge
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsCMake 2.6 compatibility fixes.
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsWarning cleanup
2014-01-17 Josh StoneMerge branch 'findMain'
2014-01-16 Emily JacobsonisTailcall fix: fallthroughs are not tailcalls
2014-01-15 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Set image::findMain's findings as LOCAL...
2014-01-14 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Expand powerpc support in image::findMain
2014-01-14 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Let image::findMain inspect PIE too
2014-01-14 Josh StoneFix AddressSpace initialization order
2014-01-14 Josh StoneFix another unused parameter
2014-01-14 Josh StoneBetter warning fix for unused parameters
2014-01-14 Emily JacobsonFix to handleCondDirExits
2014-01-14 Emily JacobsonRemoved nonexistent API call in ParseAPI::Block documen...
2014-01-13 Bill WilliamsFinish the plumbing to ensure that added libraries...
2014-01-13 Bill WilliamsWarning fix
2014-01-13 Bill WilliamsBuild fix
2014-01-10 Bill WilliamsfileName() returns SONAME if present now, for proper...
2014-01-10 Bill WilliamsRe-transpose arguments, because CMake 2.6 is dumb
2014-01-10 Bill WilliamsProper fix for building RTlib under CMake 2.6
2014-01-09 Bill WilliamsTwo more CMake 2.6 fixes: proper order of arguments...
2014-01-09 Bill WilliamsFixed a CMake 2.6 bug where it wouldn't recognize libdw...
2014-01-06 Bill WilliamsWIP for testing: properly track springboard locations...
2013-12-19 Bill WilliamsFix procset iterator: we can't necessarily initialize...
2013-12-18 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Trim AObject and Object constructors.
2013-12-14 Josh StoneInitialize thrd in a new FrameNode ctor
2013-12-14 Josh StoneInitialize and free PSetFeatures::memset
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: convert some stderr chatter to sw_printf
2013-12-14 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stonesymlite: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneproccontrol: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh StoneparseAPI: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh StoneinstructionAPI: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneelf: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh StonedataflowAPI: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stonecommon: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh StoneUse 'delete' for objects created with 'new'
2013-12-14 Josh StoneFix accidental switch fallthrough
2013-12-14 Josh StoneAnnotate intentional switch fallthrough
2013-12-14 Josh StoneReimplement Linux P_copy with fstream
2013-12-14 Josh StoneReimplement getLinuxMaps in real C++
2013-12-14 Josh StoneemitElf: Fix possible sign-extension errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: Don't leak CallChecker instances
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneproccontrol: Flatten up_notify as a member of int_notify
2013-12-14 Josh Stonesymlite: Use pread rather than lseek save/restore
2013-12-14 Josh Stonecommon: Fix a sizeof error in calloc/realloc
2013-12-14 Josh StonepatchAPI: Remove 'during' before destroying it
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneproccontrol: Avoid dereferencing a deleted 'this'
2013-12-14 Josh Stonesymlite: Don't use a delete pointer
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneproccontrol: Fix a copy-paste typo in ppc_process:...
2013-12-14 Josh Stoneelf: Fix iteration in the destructor
2013-12-14 Josh StoneAssert that dwarf_loclist_from_expr_a returns cnt==1
2013-12-14 Josh StonedataflowAPI: Correct an assertion test
2013-12-13 Bill WilliamsWe were double-adding field sizes to structs when they...
2013-12-13 Bill WilliamsIndirect tail calls shouldn't count as unresolved contr...
2013-12-13 Bill WilliamsAssorted bugfixes: don't die on DW_OP_piece, remove...
2013-12-12 William WilliamsFixes for three bugs: tie CMake version dependency...
2013-12-11 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' into pc_mem_stats
2013-12-11 Matthew LeGendreFix installation issues from RT library cmake split
2013-11-28 Josh StoneDo include <linux/ptrace.h> for glibc prior to 2.7
2013-11-27 Matthew LeGendreRefactor RT library into separate CMake project so...
2013-11-26 Matthew LeGendreDefault to libiberty demangler
2013-11-25 Matthew LeGendreEnable built-in gcc demangler rather than libiberty's
2013-11-25 William CohenJust include <sys/ptrace.h>
2013-11-22 Josh StoneMerge branch 'clang-warnings'
2013-11-21 Matthew LeGendrePostponedSyscall fixes
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreBuild downloaded packages in build dir rather than...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneFix an error message Address formatting [-Wstring-plus...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneRemove extra parentheses for plain conditions [-Wparent...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneAdd extra parentheses for assignment-as-condition ...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneConvince Clang that it's possible for an EdgeTypeEnum...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneFix NULLs returned to bools [-Wnull-conversion]
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreExpand SW calltree interface to allow expanding and...
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendrePPC64 build fix for SymtabAPI
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreNew PC PlatFeature interface for querying process memor...
2013-11-20 Josh StoneHide sometimes-unused functions better [-Wunused-function]
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreFix issue where we were using the wrong BGQ compiler...
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreFix BGQ build error in RT library
2013-11-20 Josh StoneRemove unused data members [-Wunused-private-field]
2013-11-20 Josh StoneUse (void) to squash unused variables [-Wself-assign]
2013-11-19 Josh StonefindProcLWPs: initialize lwp_ppid [-Wsometimes-uninitia...
2013-11-19 Josh StoneSeparate unclear "=-" into "= -"
2013-11-19 Josh StoneFix string termination [-Wnon-literal-null-conversion]
2013-11-19 Josh StoneReconcile class/struct declarations [-Wmismatched-tags]
2013-11-19 Josh StoneLet Dyninst itself be compiled with Clang on Linux
2013-11-19 Josh Stonecommon: Use __GLIBCXX__ for libstdc++ checks
2013-11-13 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Remove syscall instrumentation on detach
2013-11-13 Josh StoneWait for PTRACE_SYSCALL after mid-syscall PTRACE_EVENTs
2013-11-12 Bill Williams* When rewriting a binary and introducing one-page...
2013-11-12 Bill WilliamsExperimental: support parsing of indirect tail calls...
2013-11-12 Bill WilliamsNull check, don't blithely assume we have type info.
2013-11-07 Josh StoneFix a bad merge that broke Springboard
2013-11-05 Josh Stonecommon: Canonicalize '//' out of #include paths
2013-11-04 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/coverity'
2013-10-24 Josh StoneFix infinite loops in x86/x86_64 tc_lock_lock
2013-10-24 Josh StoneReally enable -fvisibility=hidden for GCC builds
2013-10-24 Josh StoneFix DYNINST_index_lock state and ppc64 writeFunctionPtr
2013-10-24 Josh StoneDon't stop mutatees for SIGINT
2013-09-19 Bill WilliamsXMM saves: if we're only looking at XMM0-XMM7 as save...