1994-02-20 markcSupports igen code for pvm.
1994-02-17 jcargillAdded bininst to the modules list
1994-02-17 jcargillCorrected install-man rule, so it goes to docs directory...
1994-02-16 markc Supports PVM version of igen.
1994-02-16 jcargillAdded other rules: clean, install, install-man. Make...
1994-02-16 hollingsAdded a default sampling interval of 500msec. Previous...
1994-02-14 hollingsExtra test cases.
1994-02-10 hollingsFixed list.h ++ function to work when a hash table...
1994-02-09 hollingsAdded print routines to list and hash table.
1994-02-09 hollingsfixed pointers refs that pur caught.
1994-02-09 hollingsadded debugging code to print Hash table.
1994-02-08 hollingsFound a few pointer problems.
1994-02-08 hollingsmade elapsed time optinal metric.
1994-02-08 hollingsFix to not core dump when parent is null.
1994-02-08 hollingsMake libutil more compatable with ATT CC.
1994-02-08 hollingsFixes for not directly including xdr.h
1994-02-08 hollingsFixed pointer problems to work on DECstations.
1994-02-07 hollingsAdded inst-sunos to split cm-5 code from standard sunos...
1994-02-07 hollingsFixes to pick up baselined stuff.
1994-02-07 hollingsMade script check for Makefile not just directory.
1994-02-05 hollingsAdded context to pauseApplication call.
1994-02-05 hollingsMade sure we didn't return an mi when the enable failed.
1994-02-05 hollingsAdded extern for sys_errlist[] (g++ version 2.5.7).
1994-02-04 hollings*** empty log message ***
1994-02-04 hollingsAdded if to check if dir is really there.
1994-02-04 jcargillTrivial change to compile under ultrix
1994-02-04 hollingsconstructor inheritance round two.
1994-02-04 hollingsFirst cut at toplevel make.
1994-02-04 jcargillTrivial change to compile under ultrix
1994-02-03 hollingschanged listHash to a macro to work with g++ 2.5.2.
1994-02-03 hollingsCorrected metric type for active_processes.
1994-02-03 hollingsChanges to work with g++ version 2.5.2.
1994-02-02 hollingsAdded setTid().
1994-02-02 hollingsChanges to make it compile with the new tree.
1994-02-02 hollingsAdded Auto Refinement options.
1994-02-02 hollingsChanges to the Data manager to reflect the file naming...
1994-02-02 hollingsFirst version of the Performance Consultant using threads.
1994-02-01 hollingsUpgrades for performanceConsultant thread.
1994-02-01 hollingsChanges for adding perfConsult thread.
1994-01-31 hollingsAdded flag to Server class to indicate if protocol...
1994-01-31 hollingsAdded code to check the protocol name and version tests...
1994-01-28 hollingsFixed max variable name length.
1994-01-28 hollingsAdded YFLAGS
1994-01-27 hollingschanges in include syntax round 2 or 3.
1994-01-27 hollingsadded pid to xdr class.
1994-01-27 hollingsFix for paradynd
1994-01-27 hollingsIinital version of paradynd speaking dynRPC igend protocol.
1994-01-27 hollingsFirst version of data manager interfaces.
1994-01-26 hollingsTest Programs for igen.
1994-01-26 hollingsmade the output of igen pass through g++ -Wall.
1994-01-26 hollingsChange to <module>/h/*.h
1994-01-26 hollingsChange to using <module>/h/*.h
1994-01-25 hollingsGood stuff about igen
1994-01-25 hollingschanged Boolean to keep xdr happy.
1994-01-25 hollingsBase makefile rules
1994-01-25 hollingsFirst real version of utility library.
1994-01-25 hollingsNew utility for interfaces.
1994-01-19 hollingsguardef defn of true/false.
1993-12-15 hollingsremoved destructors. Our current list semantics don...
1993-12-14 jcargillPut sampleMultiple and length alignment fixes back...
1993-12-14 hollingsmoved getProcessTime() out of the ifdef notdef.
1993-12-13 hollingsadded destructor for List class.
1993-12-13 hollingsadded ALIGN_TO_WORDSIZE macro
1993-12-13 hollingsincreased size of inst buffer to 1meg.
1993-12-13 hollingsforce records to be word aligned.
1993-12-13 hollingscorrected rindex parameter error
1993-12-13 hollingssupport for DYNINSTsampleMultiple.
1993-12-13 hollingsuse assembly version of clock code.
1993-12-13 hollingsInitial revision
1993-10-19 hollingsassorted small fixes.
1993-10-19 hollingsnew simpler primitives.
1993-10-19 hollingsAST based mini-tramp code generator.
1993-10-07 jcargillAdded true combines for global instrumentation
1993-10-01 hollingsAdded filtering and resource discovery.
1993-09-03 hollingsremoved ni_time. v0_0
1993-09-02 hollingsnew include syntax.
1993-09-02 hollingsfixed race condition caused be no re-trying sampling...
1993-08-26 hollingsmade initTraceLibPN called from DYNINSTinitTraceLib.
1993-08-26 hollingsnew include syntax.
1993-08-26 hollingsInitial revision
1993-08-26 hollingsadded uarea mapping code.
1993-08-26 hollingsInitial revision
1993-08-26 hollingsadded EXIT and ACK.
1993-08-26 hollingsadded snapShot field to timer.
1993-08-02 hollingsadded remove which was missing.
1993-07-02 hollingsremoved unnecessary include files
1993-07-02 hollingsInitial revision
1993-07-01 hollingsInitial revision
1993-07-01 hollingsansi endif comments
1993-05-07 hollingsInitial revision