2022-01-13 Xiaozhu MengELF+DWARF: always parse first entry in source file... master wuxx1279/amdgpu
2022-01-13 Stan CoxRemove interposed definition of _r_debug (#1176)
2022-01-12 Vanessasaurusstart of work to add automated testing to dyninst!...
2022-01-12 Vanessasaurusadding dyninst release trigger (#1181)
2022-01-12 Vanessasaurusfixing workflow trigger (#1182)
2022-01-12 VanessasaurusAdding first stage of automated docker build (#1180)
2022-01-07 Jonathan R... Remove erroneous use of realloc in symtabAPI/Type-mem...
2021-11-28 Tim HainesClean up memoryTracker usage in binaryEdit (#877)
2021-11-23 Tim HainesDocumentation updates for 12.0.1 release v12.0.1
2021-11-23 Tim HainesRemove NVIDIA external line map configure check (#1162)
2021-11-23 Tim HainesIncrease minimum elfutils version to 0.186 (#1161)
2021-11-22 Tim HainesRefactor dwarfWalker::findConst (#1160)
2021-11-20 Tim HainesAdd readable name for Symtab::typeRef (#1157)
2021-11-18 Tim HainesDwarfWalker: clean up interfaces for findDieName and...
2021-11-13 Tim HainesAdd conflict with CMake 3.19.0 (#1153)
2021-11-11 Tim HainesDocumentation update for 12.0.0 release (#1151) v12.0.0
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengAdd CMake test to check if libdw supports NVIDIA extend...
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengAdjust interface changes in elfutils regarding NVIDIA...
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengAdd compile-time checking to see if elfutils support...
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengFix compilation warning and add cmake option ENABLE_NVI...
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu Meng1. Handle unrelocated line map entries for CUBIN
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengInline context from nvidia extended line map identifies...
2021-11-11 Xiaozhu MengStart to construct inlining call chains using Nvidia...
2021-11-11 John M Mellor... cleaning up code for ingesting nvidia extended linemaps
2021-11-11 John M Mellor... first draft of support for nvidia enhanced line maps
2021-11-11 Tim HainesImprove docs for lookup functions in CodeObject (#1147)
2021-11-10 Tim HainesRemove AddressSpace::causeTemplateInstantiations (...
2021-11-10 Tim HainesRemove unregisterTrapMapping from PCProcess
2021-11-10 Tim HainesRemove thread registration functions from PCProcess
2021-11-10 Tim HainesRemove PCProcess::getDeadCode
2021-11-07 Tim HainesRemove memory emulation (#1146)
2021-11-07 Tim HainesRemove ppc32 from builds (#1145)
2021-11-07 kupschfix statement-like macros (#1143)
2021-11-05 Tim HainesImplement ppc64 in MachRegister::getROSERegister (...
2021-11-03 Tim HainesUpdate copyright to 2022 (#1141)
2021-11-02 Tim HainesUnify meaning of 'cap_32_64' macro (#1136)
2021-11-02 Tim HainesRemove support for Cray CNL (#1137)
2021-11-01 Stan CoxDon't overflow aarch64 float register vector when setti...
2021-10-29 Tim HainesRemove xlc macros (#1132)
2021-10-28 Tim HainesRemove common/src/language.h (#1131)
2021-10-28 Tim HainesRemove usage of arch_ppc and arch_ppc64 (#1129)
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix unused const variable warnings
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix pessimizing std::move warnings
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix xor operator used as power operator
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix misleading indentation warning
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix uninitialized this and variable warnings
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix float to double promotion warning
2021-10-28 James A. Kupschfix unused const variable warnings
2021-10-28 Tim HainesRemove usage of x86_64_cnl (#1130)
2021-10-26 Stan CoxLoad callee's address when the callee and caller are...
2021-10-26 Tim HainesRemove DynC tests (#1126)
2021-10-26 Tim HainesRemove NO_INITIALIZER_LIST_SUPPORT (#1125)
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove unused generateSimple (#1122)
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove unused variables from Symtab
2021-10-25 Tim HainesFix possible buffer overflow in BPatch::processCreate
2021-10-25 Tim HainesGive global annotation objects internal linkage and...
2021-10-25 Tim HainesFix uninitialized variable use in DispatcherARM64:...
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove stabs from documentation (#1120)
2021-10-25 Tim HainesTurn on STERILE_BUILD by default (#1118)
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove special Fortran debug handling
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove stabs from symbol demangling
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove stabs from BPatch
2021-10-25 Tim HainesRemove stabs from SymtabAPI
2021-10-22 kupschupdate minimum boost version to 1.70.0 (#1117)
2021-10-19 Zixian LiuRemove boost_system linking (#1112)
2021-10-12 Xiaozhu MengSummit fixes (#1108)
2021-09-10 Tim HainesEnforce detection of libiberty (#1099)
2021-09-02 kupschremove executable flag from .dyninst_heap section ...
2021-08-09 kupschfix compiler warnings to work with clang (#1092)
2021-08-09 kupschupdate optimization (-Og) and debug flags (-g3) (#1084)
2021-08-06 kupschuse the C11 standard for C code in Dyninst (#1086)
2021-08-06 kupschfix broken cast of a char literal to pointer (#1090)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix possibly uninitialized variables (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix possible null 'this' pointer dereference (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschprevent maybe uninitialized warning (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschadjust large frame threshold for specific sources ...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix deprecated implicit assignment operator (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix buffer overflow (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix duplicate branch condition by removing branch ...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix out of bounds array access (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix potentially uninitialized variable warning (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschuse unused variable to correct code (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschremove unused variables (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschmake printf format and argument types match (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix broken bool expression that was always true (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschadd missing initializer braces (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschmake constructor public so class is usable (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschremove ';' after in-class method definitions (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupscheliminate logical op warning (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschmake implicit double promotions explicit (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschannotate malloc-like functions (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschmake method noexcept, so noexcept expr can be true...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschadd missing default to switch statement (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix int to void* cast if sizeof(int)<sizeof(void*)...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupscheliminate conversion of NULL to non-pointer type (...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfix variable signedness (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschreplace if stmt with identical branches with then stmt...
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschfgetc returns an int not a char (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschdo not discard volatile type qualifier in cast (#1082)
2021-08-04 James A. Kupschadd missing #include <assert.h> (#1082)