Added code to suppress "functions" that have aninvalid instruction
[dyninst.git] / visiClients /
1994-10-14 tamchesAdded barchart
1994-10-14 tamchescommented out diagnosted message when gracefully closing
1994-10-14 tamchesSwapped the x and y axes -- now resources print vertica...
1994-10-13 tamchesMinor additions to support a new command related to...
1994-10-13 tamchesFixed deletion of resources.
1994-10-13 tamchesRemoved xoffsets and widths while implementing
1994-10-13 tamchesImplemented sorting of resources.
1994-10-11 tamchesFixed resize bug whereupon a resize while paused would...
1994-10-11 tamchesFixed bug whereupon a resize while paused would erase...
1994-10-11 tamchesadded validMetrics and validResources arrays to avoid
1994-10-11 tamchesRemoved extra StartVisi() bug.
1994-10-10 tamchespreliminary changes on the way to swapping the x and...
1994-10-10 tamchesfixed some resizing bugs
1994-10-07 tamchesFixed some resize bugs
1994-10-07 tamchesFixed some bugs w.r.t. resizing the window (bars and...
1994-10-04 tamchesmoved color codes to barChart.tcl variable
1994-10-04 tamchesmore color fixing (moved codes from barChart.C to here)
1994-10-04 tamchesCleaned up the resource bar color choices
1994-10-04 tamchesimplemented resourceWidth algorithm: try to make resour...
1994-10-01 tamchesFixed some bugs related to scrolling; now, the user...
1994-09-30 tamchesreads resource width from tcl as "currResourceWidth...
1994-09-30 newhallremoved call to StartVisi
1994-09-29 tamchesminor cvs fixes
1994-09-29 tamchesinitial implementation.
1994-09-29 tamchesinitial implementation.
1994-09-29 tamchesinitial implementation.
1994-09-29 tamchesrewritten for new version of barchart; the bars are...
1994-09-29 tamchesinitial implementation. A to-do list is kept in barCha...
1994-09-29 tamchesinitial implementation
1994-09-25 newhallchanged arguments to GetMetsRes
1994-09-08 tamchesadded to barChart
1994-09-08 tamchesAdded preliminary blt_drag&drop interface.
1994-09-05 jcargillChanged title to be more uniform.
1994-09-04 tamchesadded 'to do' and 'problems' lists. tightened code...
1994-09-03 tamchesCleaned up syntax some more, e.g. longer variable names.
1994-09-02 tamchesminor get-acquainted formatting cleanups
1994-08-08 rbiTiny color fix.
1994-08-06 rbiBar Chart Visi originally written by Sherri Frizell.
1994-08-06 rbiNew status line. Full path to logo. "Since" dataformat...
1994-08-05 rbiUpdate for new version of libvisi.a
1994-07-20 rbiBetter support for BW and standard color scheme
1994-07-20 rbiDocumented Dg commands
1994-06-14 rbiUpdated layout and added curve validation callback.
1994-06-01 rbiInitial documentation
1994-06-01 rbiBetter menu bar. Short names option.
1994-05-31 rbiFix for direct execution of tcl visis
1994-05-31 rbiInitial version of tclVisi and tabVis