I have done a commit that fixes the "irpc-trap" bug. This bug occurs
[dyninst.git] / visiClients / tableVisi /
2000-02-09 pcrothFixed problem in which the table visi does not show...
1999-12-17 pcrothUpdated to change deprecated use of interp->result...
1999-11-09 pcrothUpdated uses of XCreateGC and XFreeGC to Tk_GetGC and...
1999-11-08 pcrothChanged to explicitly specify the needed Tcl files...
1999-09-10 nash- Linux fixes, particularly support for glibc 2.1.x
1999-08-09 csserra- added support for (mips-sgi-irix6.4) native compiler...
1999-07-13 pcrothFixed ordering problem of destroying GUI and destructin...
1999-07-05 wylieTidy
1999-03-13 pcrothAdded support for building under Windows NT
1999-03-12 pcrothAdded support for building under Windows NT
1999-02-08 nash- Fixes for error/warnings in egcs 1.1
1998-09-02 wylieAdditional template instances and dummy visualizationUs...
1998-06-05 tamchesbug fix in copy ctor, detected by purify UMR; sometimes...
1998-04-06 wylieBasic Ident info.
1998-04-01 wylieParameterization of "toplevel" definitions.
1997-10-28 tamchesupdate for new dictionary class
1997-09-24 tamchesTcl_GetFile() no longer used in tcl 8.0
1997-04-30 mjrgadded template needed for new implementation of string...
1996-11-26 naimImplementation of cross-compiler (sparc-solaris,x86...
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1 Release1_1
1996-08-05 tamchestkclean.h --> tk.h
1996-08-05 tamchesupdate for tcl 7.5
1996-04-30 tamchesadded label w/ phase name
1996-04-30 tamchesAdded label with phase name
1996-04-30 tamchesadded Dg2PhaseDataCallback
1996-04-30 tamchesdouble2string optimized for 0
1996-04-30 tamchesadded MYPHASENAME
1996-02-23 tamchesremoved DEFINEPHASE
1996-02-11 tamchesTCL2C invoked via perl
1996-01-19 newhallchanges due to visiLib interface changes
1996-01-17 newhallchanges due to new visiLib
1996-01-11 tamchescompletely revamped/debugged how short focus names...
1995-12-29 tamchesa cleanup commit: moved body of some member functions...
1995-12-29 tamchesadded sort foci by value menu item
1995-12-27 tamchesadded TCLFRIENDLYWARNINGS to compile flags (used to...
1995-12-22 tamchesselection
1995-12-22 tamchesadded visiLibId
1995-12-22 tamchesoperator<, operator>, operator== are new; chose a rule...
1995-12-22 tamches2 new instantiations
1995-12-22 tamcheshighlight background color is new
1995-12-20 newhallmatherr.h does not need to be included by visis
1995-12-20 tamchesminor menu fix
1995-12-20 tamchesremoved TCL2C and TCL2C_GEN_SRCS (now in make.config)
1995-12-19 tamchesnew args to tvMetric; it calls changeNumSigFigs
1995-12-19 tamchesadded numSigFigs and valuesPixWidth member variables.
1995-12-19 tamchescall to tableVisi::setSigFigs now resizes if changes...
1995-12-19 tamchescalls to tvMetric constructor use new args
1995-12-19 tamcheschangeUnitsLabel now takes in a string &, not char *
1995-12-16 tamchesremoved VPATH to ../../barChart
1995-12-08 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-12-03 newhallchanged units labeling to match type of data being...
1995-11-29 tamchesWe now call makeLogo
1995-11-29 tamchesadded lots of templates needed for new pdLogo stuff
1995-11-29 tamchesparadyn logo is now hard-coded
1995-11-29 tamchesadded pdLogo.C
1995-11-20 tamchesa new template to support changes to tableVisi.C
1995-11-20 tamcheshorizontal & vertical grid lines no longer expand past the
1995-11-18 tamchesinitial # of sig figs is now 3
1995-11-15 tamchesredrawing of a cell takes place as soon as new data...
1995-11-15 tamchesfixed bug which clipped cells incorrectly
1995-11-08 tamcheswhen-idle routine does a tryFirst()
1995-11-08 tamchesinterface now contains just 2 callbacks: newdata and...
1995-11-08 tamcheschanged focus color from tomato to maroon3
1995-11-08 tamchesmoved implementation of constructor to .C file
1995-11-08 tamchesremoved some unused members
1995-11-08 tamchessome ui bug fixes
1995-11-08 tamchesspecialized s.t. only the implementation of the "Dg...
1995-11-08 naimAdding matherr exception handler function to avoid...
1995-11-08 tamcheschoosing sig figs is no longer a slider widget; it...
1995-11-04 tamchesFirst version of new table visi