Fixing problem when using cc and -MM - naim
[dyninst.git] / visi /
1997-04-24 hseomthe C++ code for trace data moved from visi/h/visualiza...
1997-04-21 hseomadded support for trace data
1997-03-15 newhalladded info about c test program
1997-03-14 newhallc version of xtext visi
1997-03-14 newhalladded example c visi program
1997-01-31 newhallinitial version of sparc-solaris makefile
1996-12-11 newhallfixed compile error with visi_GridHistoArray operator=
1996-12-10 newhalladded visi_PrintDataBuckets, changed the way data grid...
1996-12-10 newhalladded visi_PrintDataBuckets
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1 Release1_1
1996-03-11 newhallchanged bool to int params in visi_DefinePhase, changed...
1996-02-23 tamchesadded 2 bool params to visi_DefinePhase
1996-02-23 tamchesadded 2 bool params to StartPhase
1996-02-11 tamchesremoved include of <math.h>, which seems to be unneeded...
1996-01-26 newhallchanges so that visiLib can be used by C visis
1996-01-19 newhallmore chages to visiLib interface
1996-01-18 newhallvisi_GetPhaseHandle visi_GetPhaseHandle visi_GetPhaseHandle
1996-01-17 newhallchanges due to new version of visiLib
1996-01-17 newhallchanges due to new visiLib
1996-01-17 newhall*** empty log message ***
1996-01-17 newhallMake structure changed so that we are not using this...
1996-01-17 newhallreorginization of visiLib
1996-01-05 newhallchanged parameters to showErrorVisiCallback, so that...
1995-12-20 newhallremoved matherr.h
1995-12-20 newhallincluding matherr.h so that it does not need to be...
1995-12-18 newhallchanged metric units type so that it can have one of...
1995-12-18 naimAdding function showErrorVisiCallback to display error...
1995-12-15 naimAdding call back function to display error messages...
1995-11-17 newhalladded normalized member to Metric class which specifies...
1995-11-13 newhallbug fix
1995-11-12 newhallremoved warnings, removed error.C
1995-11-12 newhallremoved warnings
1995-11-12 newhalladded PARADYNEXITED event, added "InvalidSpans" dataGri...
1995-11-02 newhalladded class derived from igen generated visualization...
1995-10-14 newhallmodified command line args to psuedoparadyn
1995-09-27 newhalladded option for sending user specified data values...
1995-09-26 newhallupdated readme file
1995-09-18 newhallupdated test subdirectory, added visilib routine GetMet...
1995-09-08 krisnastupid way to avoid the for-scope problem
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-08-05 krisnause `0' instead of `NULL'
1995-08-01 newhallchanges relating to phase interface stuff
1995-06-02 newhallchanged type of metric and focus handles to u_int
1995-04-07 jcargillMoved setting of INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATES down into arch...
1995-04-05 jcargillRemoved CXXFLAGS brokenness; added INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATE...
1995-03-31 jcargillChanged malloc's to new's, so that constructors would...
1995-02-26 newhalladded phase interface functions
1995-02-16 markcModified to support machines which do not have NaN(x).
1995-02-16 markcModified NaN generation code for machines that do not...
1995-02-16 markcAdded support to generate template code
1995-01-30 jcargillMajor build system reorganization
1995-01-30 jcargillUpdated igen-generated includes to new naming convention
1994-11-08 newhallarray bounds error fix to visi_GridCellHisto::Value
1994-11-02 newhallmemory leak fixes
1994-10-13 newhallQuitVisi added
1994-09-30 newhalluse datagrid method functions MetricId and ResourceId
1994-09-25 newhallchanges to visi interface routines that take list of...
1994-09-25 newhallchanged interface definitions to work for new version...
1994-09-25 newhalladded visi_DataGrid method functions ResourceIndex...
1994-09-22 markcdeclared arrays at start
1994-09-22 markcdeclared arrays at start
1994-08-17 markcIncremented the version number because a new version...
1994-08-13 newhallremoved all code associated with class visi_MRList
1994-08-13 newhallremoved all code associated with class visi_MRList
1994-08-11 newhallremoved calls to grid cell Deleted member functions
1994-08-11 newhallremoved deleted member to gridcell
1994-08-03 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-08-03 newhallremoved code for interface routines NewMetricsResources...
1994-08-03 newhallremoved event type NEWMETRICSRESOURCES
1994-08-03 newhallremoved interface routines Enabled and NewMetricsResources
1994-07-30 newhalladded visi interface functions Enabled and BulkDataTransfer
1994-07-30 newhalladded new msgTag type ENABLED
1994-07-30 newhalladded visi interface routines Enabled and BulkDataTransfer
1994-07-30 newhalladded enabled member to gridcell to indicate that the...
1994-07-28 krisnachanged definition of ERROR to use NaN(X)
1994-07-20 rbiSmall arguments fix to make identification of wildcards...
1994-07-20 newhalladded FirstValidBucket method function to visi_GridCell...
1994-07-07 newhallfixed compile warnings
1994-06-16 newhallfix to visualization::Data
1994-06-16 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-06-16 newhallbug fix to AddNewValues
1994-06-08 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-06-07 newhallInitial revision
1994-06-07 newhallsupport for adding metrics and resources to existing...
1994-06-07 newhalladded method functions to support adding metrics
1994-06-07 newhalladded InList method function
1994-05-23 newhallTo visi_GridCellHisto class: added deleted flag, SumValue
1994-05-11 newhallchanged data type from double to float
1994-05-11 newhallchanged data values type from double to float
1994-05-11 newhallchanged data values from double to float
1994-04-13 newhalladded routines: GetMetsRes StopMetRes NamePhase
1994-04-13 newhalladded routines: GetMetsRes, StopMetRes, NamePhase
1994-04-13 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-29 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-29 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-29 newhallexported services of the visualization process
1994-03-26 newhallchange all floats to double
1994-03-26 newhallchanged all floats to double
1994-03-26 newhallchange all floats to double
1994-03-25 newhall*** empty log message ***