Added TR_SYNC, which is sent by DYNINSTbreakPoint right after call
[dyninst.git] / visi / h / visualization.h
1997-09-09 newhalladded some comments
1997-04-24 hseomthe C++ code for trace data moved from visi/h/visualiza...
1997-04-21 hseomadded support for trace data
1996-12-10 newhalladded visi_PrintDataBuckets
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1 Release1_1
1996-03-11 newhallchanged bool to int params in visi_DefinePhase, changed...
1996-02-23 tamchesadded 2 bool params to visi_DefinePhase
1996-01-26 newhallchanges so that visiLib can be used by C visis
1996-01-19 newhallmore chages to visiLib interface
1996-01-18 newhallvisi_GetPhaseHandle visi_GetPhaseHandle visi_GetPhaseHandle
1996-01-17 newhallreorginization of visiLib
1996-01-05 newhallchanged parameters to showErrorVisiCallback, so that...
1995-12-20 newhallremoved matherr.h
1995-12-20 newhallincluding matherr.h so that it does not need to be...
1995-12-18 naimAdding function showErrorVisiCallback to display error...
1995-12-15 naimAdding call back function to display error messages...
1995-09-18 newhallupdated test subdirectory, added visilib routine GetMet...
1995-08-01 newhallchanges relating to phase interface stuff
1995-02-26 newhalladded phase interface functions
1994-10-13 newhallQuitVisi added
1994-09-25 newhallchanged interface definitions to work for new version...
1994-08-13 newhallremoved all code associated with class visi_MRList
1994-05-23 newhallTo visi_GridCellHisto class: added deleted flag, SumValue
1994-05-11 newhallchanged data values from double to float
1994-04-13 newhalladded routines: GetMetsRes, StopMetRes, NamePhase
1994-03-17 newhallchange callback type
1994-03-14 newhallchanged visi subdirectory structure