use datagrid method functions MetricId and ResourceId
[dyninst.git] / visi / h / datagrid.h
1994-09-25 newhalladded visi_DataGrid method functions ResourceIndex...
1994-08-11 newhallremoved deleted member to gridcell
1994-07-30 newhalladded enabled member to gridcell to indicate that the...
1994-07-20 newhalladded FirstValidBucket method function to visi_GridCell...
1994-06-16 newhallbug fix to AddNewValues
1994-06-07 newhalladded method functions to support adding metrics
1994-05-23 newhallTo visi_GridCellHisto class: added deleted flag, SumValue
1994-05-11 newhallchanged data values from double to float
1994-04-13 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-03-26 newhallchange all floats to double
1994-03-17 newhalladded lastBucketFilled data member to class visi_GridCe...
1994-03-15 newhalladded public member "userdata" to class visi_GridCellHisto
1994-03-14 newhallchanged visi subdirectory structure