Build fix for UMD machines.
[dyninst.git] / testsuite / src / test_lib.C
2011-02-10 Ray ChenBuild fix for UMD machines.
2011-02-09 Madhavi KrishnanBGP testsuite changes.
2011-02-09 Madhavi KrishnanBGP testsuite changes
2011-01-22 Madhavi KrishnanBluegene testsuite fixes.
2011-01-21 Madhavi KrishnanBluegene testsuite fixes
2011-01-19 Madhavi KrishnanTestsuite fix
2011-01-18 Madhavi KrishnanMore ppc32_bgp changes
2011-01-14 Madhavi KrishnanAdding new platform:ppc32_bgp
2010-08-24 Matthew LegendreConditionally remove libiberty reference from testsuite
2010-05-24 Matthew LegendreFix memory corruption in testsuite and binary rewriting
2010-05-20 legendreWindows fixes for testsuite
2010-05-20 Matthew LegendreAllow parallel runs of testsuite
2010-04-01 Daniel McNultyExtend testsuite to build and test static binaries...
2010-03-24 Matthew LegendreNew tests for ProcControlAPI
2009-12-04 Matthew LegendreTestsuite fixes for line info test
2009-11-23 Matthew LegendreUpdate copyright to LGPL on all files
2009-10-21 Matthew LegendreMerge branch 'master' of
2009-10-21 Matthew LegendreEnable test1_22 (function replacement) for binary rewriting
2009-10-19 James Waskiewiczwindows buildfixes, serialization polishing
2009-10-16 James Waskiewiczminor cleanup
2009-10-16 James Waskiewiczmerge commit for serialization
2009-10-08 James Waskiewiczmore serialization stuff
2009-07-29 James Waskiewiczpreliminary interface for generic/automatic annotation...
2009-06-09 Matthew LegendreRename newtestsuite to testsuite
2009-06-09 Matthew LegendreRemove old testsuite
2008-04-11 legendreMerge changes since Dyninst 5.2 beta 3 into trunk
2008-02-20 jaw(1) unlink /tmp/dyninstAsync files on the mutatee side...
2008-02-19 rchenIntroduce rs6000-ibm-aix64 platform. - - - - - - ...
2007-10-05 bernatAdd the header that defines to_lower
2007-08-14 cookseyFixes a memory bug that affects the Fortran tests ...
2006-10-11 cookseyChanged default output to human-readable, added fast...
2006-06-22 legendreHandle EINTR when granchild forking
2006-06-11 legendreFixes to get test12 working on Linux platforms
2006-06-06 legendreFixes to the testsuite for AMD-64 32 bit mode
2006-06-05 tlmillerWork-around a Linux-ism to prevent the mutatee from...
2006-06-02 legendreEnabled multithread tests
2006-05-04 legendreGet Paradyn on Windows working
2006-04-26 jodomChange execv to execvp to handle attach case.
2006-04-26 jawalpha build fix
2006-04-26 jodomSetting LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't do a lick of good in...
2006-04-05 legendreUse a grandchild forking to avoid kernel panics.
2006-04-04 jodomHave findVariable use isMutateeFortran instead of using...
2006-04-01 bpellinRemove mutateeFortran global variable from libtestSuite
2006-03-30 bernatReset mutateeFortran variable post-Fortran-test.
2006-03-13 bpellinFix divergence between old and new testsuite
2006-03-12 legendreGet the new testsuite working with Windows. In most...
2006-03-08 bpellinRemoved exit statements to enable a clean failure path
2006-02-28 bernatFix a use-pointer-after-deletion segfault -- use termin...
2006-02-22 bpellinSync changes from old testsuite
2006-01-09 bpellinMerge Greg's x86-64 changes from old testsuite
2005-11-22 bpellinFixes windows support in the new testsuite. - - -...
2005-09-29 bpellinInitial commit of reorganized dyninstAPI testsuite...