Add autoconf options for using icc and pgcc in testsuite
[dyninst.git] / testsuite / sparc-sun-solaris2.9 / tuples
2010-05-20 Matthew LegendreAdd autoconf options for using icc and pgcc in testsuite
2010-05-10 Bill WilliamsMigration from g77 to gfortran.
2010-04-01 Daniel McNultyExtend testsuite to build and test static binaries...
2010-03-24 Matthew LegendreNew tests for ProcControlAPI
2009-12-04 Bill WilliamsDisable test_write_param on Solaris--feature is not...
2009-12-01 Matthew LegendreDisable serialization tests
2009-11-13 Madhavi KrishnanAdd test_snip_remove to testsuite.
2009-11-05 Ray ChenResolve bug #1040: Segfault on Rewritten Function Parameter
2009-10-16 Matthew LegendreAdd test for writing to parameters and return values
2009-10-16 James Waskiewiczfix conflicts. Merge branch 'master' of git.dyninst...
2009-10-13 Madhavi KrishnanAdded a new test case to test deletion of multiple...
2009-10-13 James Waskiewiczpremerge commit
2009-10-08 James Waskiewiczmore serialization stuff
2009-08-19 James Waskiewiczmore serialization, fleshing out of test_ser_anno
2009-06-23 Bill WilliamsEnabled many tests in binary rewriter mode. Still...
2009-06-17 Andrew BernatCorrectly run test1_14
2009-06-15 Matthew LegendreUpdate test spec to disable incompatible test/platforms
2009-06-09 Matthew LegendreRename newtestsuite to testsuite