Don't special-case shared libraries with respect to modules.
[dyninst.git] / symtabAPI /
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsDon't special-case shared libraries with respect to...
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsFix unsafe string operations.
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsLine information fix
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsApplied patches from Alin Mindroc and Marc Bruenink.
2015-09-16 Bill WilliamsFix per-CU line info parsing to track which modules...
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsUse a version.h for plugging in version #defines, not...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsEnsure that we set up library dependency data *after...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsAliased major/minor/beta legacy defines to the official...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsUpdated line info documentation & regenerated manuals...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsUpdated various READMEs
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsClean up dead files
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsRebuilt manual PDFs.
2015-08-18 Bill WilliamsDocumentation file cleanup.
2015-08-17 Bill WilliamsDocumentation file cleanup.
2015-08-17 Xiaozhu MengFix bugs in identifying catching blocks in ParseAPI.
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsMove docs back to main repository, with CMake targets...
2015-08-05 Bill WilliamsNew sections
2015-08-05 Bill WilliamsMore manual updates
2015-08-04 Bill WilliamsUpdated manuals to 9.0 cover page
2015-08-04 Bill WilliamsSymtab manual bug fixes: escape all underscores
2015-08-04 Bill WilliamsSymtab manual updates.
2015-08-04 Bill WilliamsProper support for extended ELF machine types.
2015-07-27 Bill WilliamsFencepost error fixed, from John Mellor-Crummey at...
2015-07-22 Xiaozhu MengPriorize existing call fallthrough edges over any jumps...
2015-07-13 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into parsing
2015-07-06 Alex MorrisDefensive mode debugging fixes.
2015-07-06 Alex MorrisDefensive mode dynamic fixes.
2015-07-06 unknownVarious defensive mode fixes.
2015-06-24 Bill WilliamsDon't add names (notably, from DWARF) that duplicate...
2015-06-24 Bill WilliamsMore inline fixes
2015-06-24 Bill WilliamsInline function handling: de-aggregate FunctionBase...
2015-06-10 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into parsing
2015-06-10 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'IndirectControlFlow' into parsing
2015-06-03 SteveXiSongcomment #error
2015-06-03 SteveXiSongfix warning defines
2015-05-22 Steve modified: cmake/cap_arch_def.cmake
2015-05-22 Steve modified: symtabAPI/CMakeLists.txt
2015-05-18 Emily Gember-JacobsonRecord the frameOffset as an absolute offset in Variabl...
2015-05-08 Bill WilliamsCMake fixes for building/installing components separately.
2015-04-06 Xiaozhu Meng1. Add interface to get the prefered loading address...
2015-03-27 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into IndirectControlFlow
2015-03-18 Matthew LeGendreClean compiler warnings
2015-03-18 Matthew LeGendreClean stderr printfs out of libsymtabAPI
2015-03-16 Steve modified: cmake/cap_arch_def.cmake
2015-03-12 Steve modified: symtabAPI/CMakeLists.txt
2015-02-23 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into IndirectControlFlow
2015-02-16 Bill WilliamsFix missing parameter name from inline wrapper
2015-02-14 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into IndirectControlFlow
2015-02-12 Matthew LeGendreAllow SymtabAPI to find ELF TLS variables in variable...
2015-01-30 Bill WilliamsSwitch to hashed indexes for faster access
2015-01-22 Bill WilliamsVarious fixes
2015-01-14 Bill WilliamsPlug a DWARF leak. milestone_4
2015-01-13 Bill WilliamsCode cleanup.
2015-01-13 Bill WilliamsInitial implementation of lazy demangling
2015-01-13 Bill WilliamsLazy demangling of symbol names (per use, not cached...
2015-01-12 Bill WilliamsCode cleanup for STABS/PE line info milestone_3
2015-01-12 Bill WilliamsPer-CU line info parsing. Will break horribly on Windows.
2015-01-12 Bill WilliamsRemove some leaks from DwarfWalker.
2015-01-12 Bill WilliamsRead ELF machine field for architecture
2014-10-30 Xiaozhu Mengadd interface for reading prefered based for windows...
2014-10-29 Bill WilliamsKill spurious printfs
2014-10-23 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'v8.2' into IndirectControlFlow
2014-10-17 Bill WilliamsClean up indentation, and discard line information...
2014-10-17 Bill WilliamsTransform asserts into graceful failure if things are...
2014-10-16 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'master' into IndirectControlFlow
2014-10-10 Matthew LeGendreFix DWARF location list parsing to handle base address...
2014-09-10 Matthew LeGendreFix problem where struct/union types didn't get size...
2014-09-05 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-08-18 Bill WilliamsUpdated manuals.
2014-08-18 Emily Gember-JacobsonAdded Makefile.doc files for latex-based manuals.
2014-08-06 Bill WilliamsFinal(?) cleanup
2014-07-22 Bill WilliamsAllow partial decoding of location lists in DWARF;...
2014-06-20 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'v8.2' into IndirectControlFlow
2014-06-19 Bill WilliamsDwarf parsing fix
2014-06-19 Bill WilliamsFix the *other* place where we need to make shdr alignm...
2014-06-17 Matthew LeGendreChange Symtab::getContainingFunction to use symbols...
2014-06-17 Xiaozhu MengMerge remote-tracking branch 'bill/v8.2' into IndirectC...
2014-05-29 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Start dwarf type ids at 1
2014-05-29 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Use dyn_hash_map for type IDs, and split...
2014-05-29 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Protect against GNU alt forms
2014-05-29 Josh StonesymtabAPI: walk partial units too
2014-05-28 Josh StonesymtabAPI: sanity-check line ranges
2014-05-28 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Return a string from Object::getFileName
2014-05-28 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Automate context push/pop in DwarfWalker
2014-05-28 Josh StonesymtabAPI: improve sig8 identification
2014-05-28 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Enable DW_FORM_ref_sig8
2014-05-27 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Walk both .debug_types and .debug_info
2014-05-27 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Add indirection between dwarf offsets and...
2014-05-27 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Remove unused dwarf enclosureMap
2014-05-23 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Extend recognized DW_LANG constants
2014-05-23 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Add support for DW_AT_linkage_name
2014-05-23 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Switch to .debug_types-aware libdwarf interfaces
2014-05-23 Josh StonesymtabAPI: Don't hardcode the CU header size
2014-05-17 Xiaozhu MengEnable symbolic evaluation on x86 64-bit binaries
2014-05-09 Bill WilliamsDwarf parsing fix
2014-04-30 Bill WilliamsFix the *other* place where we need to make shdr alignm...
2014-04-22 Josh StoneClean up library linkage
2014-04-22 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v8.2
2014-04-21 Emily JacobsonWe weren't ensuring that our section's alignment was...
2014-04-21 Bill WilliamsNull check symtabreader's symtab before returning it...