An error when creating symbols for relocated code and instrumentation
[dyninst.git] / symEval /
2010-06-29 Emily JacobsonFixed bug in backward slicing that required different...
2010-06-25 Todd FrederickSymEval: Fix bad merge
2010-06-24 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-23 Andrew BernatBugfixes
2010-06-23 Andrew BernatWindows exporting of libcommon elements
2010-06-23 Andrew BernatParseAPI merge
2010-06-17 Todd FrederickSymEval: add accessor for heap absloc address
2010-06-16 Andrew BernatRefactoring slicing code to unify forward/backward...
2010-06-16 Todd FrederickSymEval: fix missing header file
2010-06-16 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-15 Andrew BernatFix compilation errors in slicing component; it now...
2010-06-15 Todd FrederickSymEval: fix spurious merge line
2010-06-15 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-15 Andrew BernatMerging parseAPI
2010-06-15 Todd FrederickSymEval: disable slicing temorarily
2010-06-15 Emily JacobsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-06-15 Emily JacobsonBackwards slicing
2010-06-15 Todd FrederickSymEval: use appropriate interfaces to get arch and...
2010-06-14 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-14 Todd FrederickSymEval: make extract sizes explicit
2010-06-09 Todd FredericksymEval: make stack analysis optional
2010-06-07 Todd FrederickSplit entry IDs of instructions with opcodes overloaded...
2010-06-04 Todd FredericksymEval: store size of memory writes
2010-06-03 Todd FredericksymEval: correctly store lengths of memory derefs
2010-05-26 Todd FrederickSymEval: Remove duplicate dereference of LEA
2010-05-24 Todd FrederickMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-05-21 Andrew BernatSlicing tweaks
2010-05-20 Todd FrederickKeep track of x86 repeat prefixes for ROSE
2010-05-19 Todd FrederickSymEval: concretize references to the PC
2010-04-30 Todd FrederickSymEval: add less than operator to Constant
2010-04-21 Andrew BernatFix x86-based symbolic evaluation and slicing
2010-04-20 Andrew BernatDisable slicer debugging.
2010-04-20 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-19 Bill WilliamsCheap hack to make SymEval build despite mismatch in...
2010-04-19 Bill WilliamsRevert slicing to git-head. Build fixes. Slicing predic...
2010-04-19 Bill Williamssymeval build fix
2010-04-19 Bill WilliamsMore integration
2010-04-19 Bill WilliamsBEGIN integration/regression changes/fixes
2010-04-16 Andrew BernatFix stack problem in local slicer
2010-04-14 Todd FrederickSymEval: small syntax fix
2010-04-12 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-12 Andrew BernatExtend slicing interface
2010-04-12 Andrew BernatExtensions of short-range slicer
2010-04-12 Andrew BernatMore conversion overrides for IAPI->ROSE conversions
2010-04-06 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-23 Bill WilliamsMerge/rebase fixes
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsCheck edges from all control flow insns, not just x86...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsBind the effective address, not the dereference!
2010-03-22 Emily JacobsonA working, but not yet complete, implementation of...
2010-03-22 Bill Williamsmore bugfixes
2010-03-22 Bill Williamsimplementation of regClassToString for debugging
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsAdd absolute forms to unconditional branches & link...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsContinuing bugfixes for symeval/rose operand matching.
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsSwap all PPC stores so that their source/destination...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsMore bug fixes to make converted ROSE insns behave...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsBug fix: bo, bi can be 0 but we need to pass them in...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsVarious changes to make SymEval play nicely with the...
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsAdd special-case handling for branch instructions,...
2010-03-22 Emily JacobsonBackwards slicing and 32-bit fixes.
2010-03-22 Bill WilliamsSymEval for POWER: WIP
2010-03-22 Andrew BernatReplace AbsRegionAST with VariableAST.
2010-03-19 Andrew BernatFix for incomplete merge.
2010-03-19 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-19 Andrew BernatImprove slicing to check predicates during traversal...
2010-03-19 Andrew BernatMake SymEval an exported header
2010-03-19 Andrew BernatPatch ROSE instruction semantics to treat the PC as...
2010-03-18 Todd FredericksymEval: Keep track of operand sizes
2010-03-11 Andrew BernatPrototype implementation of slice->AST symbolic expansi...
2010-03-10 Andrew BernatCorrectly implement sign-extension for constant types.
2010-03-10 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-10 Andrew BernatReimplementation of ASTs as non-templated to allow...
2010-03-10 Todd FrederickSymEval: remove redundant handling of PC for call instr...
2010-03-10 Todd FrederickSymEval: Fix conversion to ROSE instruction involving...
2010-03-09 Andrew BernatSymEval and related bugfixes;
2010-03-05 Andrew BernatAdded initial BindEval for stack slots;
2010-03-04 Andrew BernatAdd explicit flags register representations; SymEval...
2010-03-03 Andrew BernatMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-02 Andrew BernatBugfixes for slicing and general compile fixes for...
2010-03-02 Todd FrederickSymEval: Use MachRegister interface
2010-03-02 Todd FrederickAdd ROSE compatability enums
2010-03-02 Andrew BernatInitial SymEval prototype; stack analysis fixes to...
2010-02-08 Andrew BernatRemove dangling symEval files
2010-02-08 Andrew BernatUndo large mistaken messy commit.
2010-02-05 Andrew BernatCopy over of SymEval prototype