Support for conversion from Instruction API objects to Rose SgAsmInstruction objects...
[dyninst.git] / stackwalk /
2016-05-16 Bill WilliamsMerge 9.2 branch back to master (#51)
2016-05-03 Marty McFadden 1) Cmake support for PPC64LE builds
2016-04-21 Bill WilliamsGCC 4.8 build fixes: ensure all extern template declara...
2016-04-15 Bill WilliamsInitial gcc5 support (force old ABI for compatiblity...
2016-03-14 Sunny ShahMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImplemented basic memory tracking for stack analysis.
2015-12-11 Bill WilliamsFinal bits of cleanup (warnings and version numbers).
2015-12-09 Bill WilliamsUpdated READMEs
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsApplied patches from Alin Mindroc and Marc Bruenink.
2015-10-08 Bill WilliamsApplied patches from Alin Mindroc and Marc Bruenink.
2015-08-21 Bill WilliamsUse a version.h for plugging in version #defines, not...
2015-08-20 Steverebased to master after sw 3rd party completed
2015-08-20 Stevestackwalker: added translation function for abstract
2015-08-20 Stevestackwalker: thirdparty is good. dbginfosteper is good
2015-08-20 Stevedebugsteppr can walk, but with errors
2015-08-20 Stevesw: walking is good, location filling failed
2015-08-20 Stevethird party sw is good, not well tested
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsAliased major/minor/beta legacy defines to the official...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsUpdated line info documentation & regenerated manuals...
2015-08-20 Bill WilliamsRebuilt manual PDFs.
2015-08-18 Bill WilliamsDocumentation file cleanup.
2015-08-17 Bill WilliamsDocumentation file cleanup.
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsMove docs back to main repository, with CMake targets...
2015-08-11 Bill WilliamsAdd ARM example stack to Stackwalker manual
2015-08-06 SteveXiSongrefined arm layout
2015-08-06 SteveXiSongadded stack layout for armv8
2015-08-05 Bill WilliamsMore manual updates
2015-08-04 Bill WilliamsUpdated manuals to 9.0 cover page
2015-07-29 Stevestackwalker: added translation function for abstract
2015-07-23 Stevestackwalker: thirdparty is good. dbginfosteper is good
2015-07-20 Stevedebugsteppr can walk, but with errors
2015-06-24 Bill WilliamsRevert to default-off logs
2015-06-16 Stevesw: walking is good, location filling failed
2015-06-15 Stevethird party sw is good, not well tested
2015-06-09 Steveupdate sw
2015-06-03 Steveresolve conflicts
2015-06-03 SteveXiSongfix warning defines
2015-05-30 Stevemodified for swk
2015-05-22 Steve new file: .syntastic_cpp_config
2015-05-22 Steve modified: common/CMakeLists.txt
2015-05-08 Bill WilliamsCMake fixes for building/installing components separately.
2015-04-06 Steve new file: .syntastic_cpp_config
2015-03-20 Steve modified: common/CMakeLists.txt
2015-03-18 Matthew LeGendreClean compiler warnings
2015-02-16 Bill WilliamsForce frame pointers in stackwalker, no matter the...
2015-02-04 Bill WilliamsCodeObject::findBlocks forces a full parse. Just look...
2014-09-10 Matthew LeGendreRevert "Fix issue with frames having an unset walker...
2014-08-19 Matthew LeGendreFix issue with frames having an unset walker member...
2014-08-18 Bill WilliamsStackwalker fix from Matt
2014-08-18 Bill WilliamsUpdated manuals.
2014-08-18 Emily Gember-JacobsonAdded Makefile.doc files for latex-based manuals.
2014-07-22 Bill WilliamsDocumentation updates
2014-06-25 Bill WilliamsWindows build fixes.
2014-06-23 ParadynMerge branch 'v8.2' of ssh://
2014-04-22 Josh StoneClean up library linkage
2014-04-22 Josh StoneFully separate symtab and symlite
2014-02-14 Josh StoneBump versions everywhere to 8.2.0
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/coverity'
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/platform'
2014-01-27 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-21 Josh Stonestackwalk: Fix result logic in getInitialFrameImpl
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsCMake 2.6 compatibility fixes.
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsWarning cleanup
2014-01-16 Josh StonePurge AIX support
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnants of Sparc and Solaris
2014-01-07 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-07 Matthew LeGendreChange __FILE__ to FILE__ prints in stackwalker to...
2013-12-14 Josh StoneInitialize thrd in a new FrameNode ctor
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: convert some stderr chatter to sw_printf
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: Fix Coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2013-12-14 Josh Stonestackwalk: Don't leak CallChecker instances
2013-12-11 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' into pc_mem_stats
2013-11-25 William CohenJust include <sys/ptrace.h>
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreExpand SW calltree interface to allow expanding and...
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge branch 'warnings' into coverity
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into warnings
2013-08-22 Bill WilliamsAdd static targets
2013-06-26 Josh StoneUse a generic error message for gettid failure
2013-06-26 ParadynCMake integration for Windows.
2013-06-13 Andrew R. BernatRename libstackwalker to libstackwalk to match earlier...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatFix up CMake export config file ; remove codeCoverage...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMove dynutil/h to common/h; move common/h to common...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatRemove old Makefile system; testsuite is currently...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatCMake apparently works!
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMore CMake work
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatAdd CMakeLists.txt
2013-05-31 Josh StoneFix additional warnings given by gcc 4.8 -m32
2013-05-30 Josh Stonestackwalk: fix warnings given by gcc 4.8
2013-05-30 Josh Stone[API] Change sw_c out_frame parameters into actual...
2013-03-14 Bill Williams* Fix unhandled 8-byte offsets in handleAddSub. Shouldn...
2013-03-14 Andrew BernatUpdate version strings to 8.1.1; retire DepGraphAPI
2013-03-06 Andrew BernatRemove auto-copy of documentation; the docs directory...
2013-03-06 Zuyu ZhangModify Manual Makefile to copy *.pdf to docs.git
2013-03-06 Zuyu ZhangSymtabAPI manual updates; Add .gitignore under stackWal...
2013-03-01 Bill WilliamsUpdate versions missed by previous commit.
2013-02-28 Bill WilliamsBump version to 8.1 in query methods and makefiles.
2013-02-28 Emily JacobsonCleanup and updates to Stackwalker documentation
2013-02-18 Bill WilliamsBug fix for infinite loop in analysis stepper.
2013-02-14 Zuyu ZhangChange Windows install dir from DYN/../include to DYN...
2013-02-09 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' into bgq_ramdisk_io