Make Dyninst buildable with Clang (#1021)
[dyninst.git] / proccontrol / CMakeLists.txt
2020-09-22 Tim HainesRemove bluegene support (#847)
2020-08-30 Tim HainesRemove cotire (#816)
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsDisable boost auto-link on Windows and have it always...
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck cmake version to make sure cotire is supported
2016-08-30 John DetterCheck GCC version and decide whether or not to use...
2016-08-21 Peter Foleycotire
2015-05-22 Stevepc works in sp, mp mode, but mt mode failed
2015-05-22 Steve new file: .syntastic_cpp_config
2015-05-22 Steve modified: cmake/cap_arch_def.cmake
2015-05-08 Bill WilliamsCMake fixes for building/installing components separately.
2015-04-27 Stevepc works in sp, mp mode, but mt mode failed
2015-04-06 Steve new file: .syntastic_cpp_config
2015-03-16 Steve modified: cmake/cap_arch_def.cmake
2014-06-27 Bill WilliamsFix Windows. Again.
2014-06-25 Matthew LeGendreFix BGQ build errors
2014-06-25 Bill WilliamsWindows build fixes.
2014-06-23 ParadynMerge branch 'v8.2' of ssh://
2014-06-19 Bill WilliamsSyscall events cleanup
2014-05-09 Bill WilliamsSyscall events cleanup
2014-04-22 Josh StoneClean up library linkage
2014-04-22 Josh StoneFully separate symtab and symlite
2014-03-17 Bill WilliamsThread library doesn't always work, but libraries shoul...
2014-03-17 Bill WilliamsAllow us to link against boost shared libraries
2014-02-21 ParadynUpdate to use boost mutexes and condition variables
2014-02-05 Bill WilliamsMerge branch 'ssj_boost_mutex' of ssh://git.dyninst...
2013-09-11 Saul St. Johnuse boost mutexes
2013-09-05 Bill WilliamsAdd libdl link dependency to proccontrol.
2013-08-22 Bill WilliamsAdd static targets
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsAdded -fvisibility=hidden to Linux builds, with export...
2013-06-27 Bill WilliamsActually enable -fvisibility=hidden under CMake
2013-06-26 ParadynCMake integration for Windows.
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatFix up CMake export config file ; remove codeCoverage...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMove dynutil/h to common/h; move common/h to common...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMore CMake work
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatAdd CMakeLists.txt