- Modified to use PTRACE_PEEKUSER and PTRACE_POKEUSER, which are more
[dyninst.git] / pdutil /
1999-02-08 nash- Linux-x86 support changes
1999-02-08 nash- Changed hist.h to use new makenan macro
1999-01-24 wylieRedefined the RegValue (register content) type to ...
1999-01-24 wylieTidy
1999-01-21 wyliePurification
1999-01-21 wylieFMMs caught by Insure++ fixed (NB: missed by Purify6NT!)
1999-01-20 hollingsNew file for long loading functions that were in a...
1999-01-20 hollingsMoved long functions to seperate .C file
1998-12-25 wylieConsistent usage of Address type.
1998-12-25 wylieConsistent usage of Address type
1998-12-25 wylietypedef'd Address to "unsigned long int" for all platfo...
1998-12-25 wylieAdded Id
1998-12-25 wylieAdded ptrace interface definition (apparently missing...
1998-12-25 wylieAddress-typing
1998-12-25 wylieAdded Types.C
1998-12-25 wylieAddress checking and printing functions (which should...
1998-09-15 buckCommit of changes for Dyninst API version 1.2. Include...
1998-09-02 wylieTidy and compiler pacification.
1998-09-02 wylieTidy
1998-08-27 nashRemoved assert for Linux in Object-elf32.C
1998-08-27 nashFixed type warnings in header files and removed Linux...
1998-08-25 buckInitial commit of DEC Alpha port.
1998-08-17 wylieForgotten removal of obsolete #if for i386-unknown...
1998-08-17 wylieMoved matherr prototype into conditional Linux code
1998-08-16 wyliedictionary_hash_iter copy constructor publicized (since...
1998-08-16 wylieSymbolIter copy constructor publicized (since used...
1998-08-16 wylieDefinition of MATH_EXCEPTION_STRUCT (for makenan.[hC])
1998-08-16 wylieparameterized use of MATH_EXCEPTION_STRUCT as a compila...
1998-08-16 wylieignore null-named stabs function entries (thoughtfully...
1998-05-22 tamchesfixed a purify FMM (free mismatched memory) hit.
1998-05-22 tamchesfixed 2 purify FMM hits in execCommand
1998-04-22 wylieTidied
1998-04-06 wylieAdded Ident.C build identifier class
1998-04-06 wylieBuild identifier class
1998-04-01 wylieCosmetica
1998-03-26 ssuenFixed maintaining of invariant: assert(bins.size(...
1998-03-06 buckFixed some bugs in parsing NT executables.
1998-03-03 newhalladded support for parsing stripped shared object files...
1998-03-01 wylieWarning quiescence (VC++)
1998-03-01 ssuenStopped using obsolete -v option to paradynd
1998-02-27 mcheyneySmall style changes....
1998-02-02 wylieConditional use of NT-specific WSAETIMEDOUT instead...
1998-01-30 ssuenFixed front-end memory leak. Paradynds retry if connec...
1998-01-09 wylieDictionaryLite -> Dictionary
1997-12-04 tungFix the symbols reading problem on Linux/X86 platform
1997-12-02 tamchesfirst real version (being used by make.module.tmpl...
1997-12-02 tamchesbeefed up comments
1997-12-02 tamchesremoved spinMutex code (wasn't being used)
1997-12-02 tamchesremoved this obsolete file
1997-12-02 tamchesadded setAddr() method (aix needs it)
1997-12-02 tamchesadded some comments. Made first and last members const.
1997-12-02 tamchesadded templates.C
1997-11-26 mcheyneyOn ELF, can now compile w/o dyninstSTART and dyninstEND.
1997-11-26 tung*** empty log message ***
1997-11-26 tungModified for Linux/X86 platform - to fix the symbol...
1997-11-26 tungFor Linux/X86 platform
1997-11-05 wylieAdded missing Object.C to source list
1997-11-05 wylieStub definition added for template class dictionary_has...
1997-11-03 naimFixing minor problem to compile on sunos - naim
1997-11-02 tamchesremoved these obsolete files
1997-11-02 tamchesdefault ctor sped up
1997-11-02 tamcheschanged some #include<> to #include""
1997-11-02 tamcheschanged some #include<> to #include""
1997-11-02 tamchesimprovements to iterator class; bug fix to undef
1997-11-02 tamchesimprovements to iterator class
1997-11-01 tamcheschanged some #include<> to #include""
1997-11-01 tamcheschanged an #include<> to #include""
1997-10-31 naimMinor change for NT - naim
1997-10-31 naimMinor change for NT - naim
1997-10-31 naimMinor change for NT - naim
1997-10-31 naimupdating dictionary class - naim
1997-10-29 tamchesremoved use of DictionaryLite
1997-10-29 tamchesremoved DictionaryLite
1997-10-28 tamchesRewrite of dictionary class; handles bin overflow much...
1997-10-28 tamchesRewrite of dictionary class (handles bin overflow much...
1997-10-28 tamchesadded Dictionary.C
1997-10-23 nashRemoved previous changes for Linux. A better way to...
1997-10-23 nashModified P_xdrrec_create to remove two warnings (by...
1997-10-21 tungFor Linux/X86 platform
1997-10-21 tungadd defined for Linux/X86 platform
1997-10-17 nashAdded "-F" option to execlp(rsh...) from rshCommand...
1997-10-15 tungFor Linux Platform - copy from solarisKludges.h
1997-10-15 tungadapted from solarisHeaders.h for Linux Platform
1997-10-15 tungadd Linux Platform to X86 include
1997-10-15 tungmodified for Linux Platform
1997-10-15 tungadd new platform type - Linux
1997-10-15 tungadd Linux Platform to architecture-operating system...
1997-10-15 tungFor Linux Platform - copy from solarisKludges.C
1997-10-10 tamchesremoved a warning
1997-10-08 tamchesremoved a print stmt
1997-10-08 tamchesmade firstValueReceived const
1997-09-26 tamchesstartTime() --> firstTimeAndValue().
1997-09-26 tamchesstartTime() --> firstTimeAndValue()
1997-09-05 naimChanges to template files to be able to compile paradyn...
1997-08-19 naimAdding support to dynamically link libdyninstRT by...
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.
1997-07-25 naimFixing problem with fork/exec on aix - naim
1997-07-11 tamchesremoved obsolete files
1997-06-23 tamchesnil static member as an optimization
1997-06-23 tamchesremoved unnecessary OBJS