added label w/ phase name
[dyninst.git] / pdutil /
1996-04-29 mjrgAdded size to functions
1996-04-26 lzhengadded P_endservent
1996-04-24 tamchesadded string::string(const char *str, unsigned len)
1996-04-24 tamchesadded string (const char *, unsigned n) constructor
1996-04-10 mjrgfixed a bug in removeComponent
1996-04-06 hollingsRemoved unused Line class.
1996-03-28 mjrgAdded code to handle fortran alternate subroutine entry...
1996-03-12 mjrgNew version of aggregateSample to support adding and...
1996-03-08 tamchesadded operator==(const char *)
1996-03-05 mjrgadded P_pipe
1996-02-26 tamchesadded operator= to sampleInfo to remove purify umr...
1996-02-26 mjrgremoved compiler warning
1996-02-22 karavanadded circularBuffer class
1996-02-22 karavaninitial version.
1996-02-22 karavanInitial version.
1996-02-16 tamchesfirst version
1996-02-16 tamchesadded pathName
1996-02-14 karavanremoved string(FILE *) constructor and save(FILE *...
1996-02-12 karavanbug fix: changed arguments to histFoldCallBack
1996-02-12 karavan added new data member, bool globalData, set to true...
1996-02-09 mjrgfixed aggregation to handle first samples and addition...
1996-02-01 hollingsForgot to commit this file two weeks ago.
1996-01-31 newhalladded a newValue method that takes a vector of weights...
1996-01-30 mjrgRenamed time.h to Time.h
1996-01-29 mjrgAdded time.h, with a function to get the current time
1996-01-18 hollingschanged the AObject destructor to not be virtual.
1996-01-11 tamchesadd1 will now leave the most significant digit overflow...
1996-01-11 tamchesadded odometer
1996-01-11 tamchesfirst version
1996-01-09 tamchesadded constructor taking in a double
1995-12-26 tamchesmade (empty) destructor inline.
1995-12-20 newhallremoved matherr.h
1995-12-20 newhalladded makenan.C
1995-12-20 mjrgFixed bug in stab reading: a symbol may be defined...
1995-12-20 tamchesfirst version
1995-12-20 tamchesleaner and meaner; use VectorDeluxe.h if necessary
1995-12-18 mjrgMinor change to compile with gcc 2.6.3.
1995-12-16 tamchescommented out keys()
1995-12-16 tamchesremoved keys() member function which in turn removes...
1995-12-15 mjrgGet module name for functions from symbol table in...
1995-12-12 newhallbug fix
1995-12-11 newhallinitialize bucket values to NaN rather than to zero
1995-12-10 tamchesadded some comments
1995-12-09 tamchessplit timer routines into Timer.h and Timer.C
1995-12-09 tamchesadded Timer.C
1995-12-08 tamchesadded printing (for debugging purposes)
1995-12-08 tamchesadded PriorityQueue
1995-12-08 tamchesfirst version of priority queue class
1995-12-03 newhallchange namespace to NAMESPACE
1995-12-03 newhallchange so that it will compile using g++ 2.7.1
1995-11-29 krisnahpux symbol table code
1995-11-29 tamches"namespace" is a reserved c++ word now; changed our...
1995-11-29 tamcheswill now compile under g++ 2.7.1 on sunos
1995-11-28 naimMinor fix. Chaning constant 4090 to SP_PAGE_SIZE -...
1995-11-22 mjrgIgnore undefined symbols.
1995-11-22 mjrgUpdates for paradyndPVM on solaris
1995-11-12 newhallfix to execCmd: forked process closes it's copy of...
1995-11-08 naimAdding matherr exception handler function to avoid...
1995-11-08 naimAdding matherr exception handler function to avoid...
1995-11-06 tamchesadded dictionaryLite
1995-11-06 tamchesfirst version of DictionaryLite
1995-10-26 tamchesremoved some warnings under g++ 2.7.0
1995-10-26 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-10-13 newhalluse BASEBUCKETWIDTH to initialize bucket widths. Purif...
1995-09-22 tamchesRemoved warnings via correct usage of the C++ keyword...
1995-09-18 newhallchange so that sqrt(-3) is not called everytime this...
1995-09-18 newhallchanged argument type in getBinValue
1995-09-15 mjrgadded P_chmod.
1995-09-15 mjrgadded P_chdir.
1995-09-08 krisnastupid way to avoid the for-scope problem
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-08-20 newhalladded fold_on_inactive flag
1995-08-08 newhallchanged initial bin width to 0.2
1995-08-05 krisnado not use <memory.h> in a C++ program, use <stdlib...
1995-08-01 newhallfix to how global time is computed
1995-07-20 rbiFixed a folding bug
1995-07-16 tamchesSplit string class into a .h and .C component; strings...
1995-07-06 newhallsupport for Histograms with non-zero start time
1995-06-26 krisna`namespace' is now a C++ reserved word
1995-06-21 krisna`namespace' is a reserved word in C++
1995-06-02 newhalladded a NaN value generator
1995-05-30 krisnachanged ST_* symbol table names to PDST_* (to avoid...
1995-05-30 krisnaupgrade from solaris-2.3 to solaris-2.4
1995-05-18 markcAdded flavor arg to RPC_undo_g_list
1995-05-18 markcadd P_xdrrec_eof
1995-04-06 jcargillMoved setting of INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATES down into arch...
1995-04-05 jcargillRemoved CXXFLAGS brokenness; added INSTANTIATE_TEMPLATE...
1995-03-11 krisnalibrary name change to include pd- prefix
1995-03-07 krisnaremove warnings
1995-03-02 krisnabetter detection of data segment address ranges
1995-02-27 markcParentheses around "unsigned" allow gcc v 2.6.2 to...
1995-02-27 tamchesRemoved tunable constant files from the util-lib
1995-02-26 newhallre-organized some of the header files so that definitio...
1995-02-23 markcRemoved extract method, which is not part of the stl...
1995-02-22 tamchesChanged "delete" to "delete []"
1995-02-16 markcMore posix library support.
1995-02-16 markcSorry, it was late and I was tired.
1995-02-16 markcMust have been sleepy when I did the commit.
1995-02-16 markcRemoved compiler warnings.