Added checks in bundlers. Fixed xdrrec_endofrecord.
[dyninst.git] / pdutil / src /
1994-03-31 hollingsadded well known port as a paramter to xdrRPC constructor.
1994-03-31 markcAdded Log for rcs.
1994-03-26 hollingsChanged sample time from time64 to sampleTime.
1994-03-25 hollingsmade write failuers return the correct error code.
1994-03-25 markcAdded option to specify timeout on readReady.
1994-03-24 hollingsMoved aggregation of samples here.
1994-03-20 markcChanged xdr_Boolean to char rather than int to reflect...
1994-03-08 hollingsAdded fold callback and changed from multiple data...
1994-02-28 hollingsChanged global list to be a pointer to a list because...
1994-02-27 markcPut in fix to prevent malloc from being redefined.
1994-02-25 markcChanged args for RPC_undo_arg_list to reference types.
1994-02-25 markcRPC_undo_arg_list returns 0 only if all arguments are...
1994-02-25 markcFixed to support compiling on mips.
1994-02-25 hollingsadded tuntable constants
1994-02-24 markcMan page for librpcUtil.a
1994-02-20 markcSupports igen code for pvm.
1994-02-10 hollingsFixed list.h ++ function to work when a hash table...
1994-02-08 hollingsMake libutil more compatable with ATT CC.
1994-02-04 jcargillTrivial change to compile under ultrix
1994-01-27 hollingsadded pid to xdr class.
1994-01-26 hollingsChange to using <module>/h/*.h
1994-01-25 hollingsFirst real version of utility library.