Added fields for modules in BPatch_function's.
[dyninst.git] / pdutil / nmake.module.tmpl
1999-06-17 pcrothAdded support for using CodeView NB11 symbols in additi...
1999-06-08 csserra"unsigned long long" cleanup
1999-03-03 pcrothUpdated with new support for Windows NT in front end...
1998-12-25 wylieAdded Types.C
1998-04-06 wylieAdded Ident.C build identifier class
1997-11-05 wylieAdded missing Object.C to source list
1997-10-31 naimupdating dictionary class - naim
1997-06-16 mjrgadded Object.C
1997-05-23 mjrgWindows NT port