Use install-sh to install dyninst libraries and includes rather than cp
[dyninst.git] / parseThat / configure
2012-05-11 legendre1Use install-sh to install dyninst libraries and include...
2012-04-13 legendre1Fix parseThat problem with blank LIBELF_LIB variables
2011-03-30 legendre1Parsethat not building on system without liberty
2010-08-05 Andrew BernatFix execute permissions
2010-07-29 unknownfixing stuff
2009-06-26 Madhavi KrishnanMore parseThat build issues
2009-06-09 Matthew LegendreFix parseThat configure so we don't depend on DYNINST_ROOT
2009-06-02 James Waskiewiczenable a bunch of tests in rewriter mode. add a couple...
2008-11-13 James Waskiewiczfix autoconf files in parseThat to use "dyninst" direct...
2008-07-28 mlamFixed parseThat build issues (include paths for IAPI)
2008-03-12 legendreMerge Release 5.2 branch into CVSHEAD
2006-03-15 rchenFeature update including automatic configuration, attac...