Adding findFuncs to parseAPI manual.
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2010-12-21 Madhavi KrishnanAdding findFuncs to parseAPI manual.
2010-10-27 Nathan RosenblumParseAPI manual update
2010-10-19 Kevin RoundyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-18 Kevin Roundyparseapi doc and codeRange fix
2010-10-18 Nathan RosenblumWorkarounds for old buggy versions of PGF (for ParseAPI...
2010-10-15 Kevin RoundyVarious documentation updates to the ParseAPI manual
2010-10-13 Nathan RosenblumUpdated ParseAPI manual
2010-09-20 Nathan RosenblumIncorrect type passed to WIFSTOPPED macro (pointer...
2010-06-14 Nathan RosenblumSplits the binary code parsing out into a separate...