updated test subdirectory, added visilib routine GetMetRes()
[dyninst.git] / paradynd /
1995-09-11 mjrgRemoved redundant ptrace calls.
1995-09-05 mjrgInitialize splitHeaps.
1995-08-29 mjrgadded third argument to declaration of initInferiorHeap.
1995-08-28 hollingsCorrected error with instMapping constructor for critic...
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-08-05 krisnaadded lots of missing templates
1995-08-05 krisna(const T *) vs (T * const)
1995-08-05 krisnadeleted redundant AND WRONG definition of ipHash
1995-08-05 krisnaread the code to find out why
1995-07-24 tamchesThe Procedure -- > Code commit
1995-07-11 jcargillChanged sparc-specific ifdefs to include sparc_tmc_cmost7_3
1995-05-30 krisnamoved arch-os specific sources to appropriate directory
1995-05-30 krisnaarchitecture-os include protection
1995-05-30 krisnageneric architecture include file (internally uses...
1995-05-30 krisnaupgrade from solaris-2.3 to solaris-2.4.
1995-05-25 markcClassify indirect calls as "unknown" user functions
1995-05-25 markcAccept "1" as ok from call to uname()
1995-05-25 markcInclude files for solaris 2.4
1995-05-18 markcCommented out timer code
1995-05-18 markcAdded new source files
1995-05-18 markcRemoved declarations for unused functions
1995-05-18 markcremoved unused templates
1995-05-18 markcAdded code to build procedure lists for the mdl
1995-05-18 markcAdded getruage calls
1995-05-18 markcCache global ids supplied by paradyn
1995-05-18 markcChanged process dict to process map
1995-05-18 markcAdded code to read mdl calls to prevent starting a...
1995-05-18 markcAdded calls to getrusage
1995-05-18 markcThese are no longer needed
1995-05-18 markcRemoved class metric
1995-05-18 markcdeleted metric callbacks -- these are now requested...
1995-05-18 markcRemoved metric class information from internalMetric
1995-05-18 markcremoved tag dictionary
1995-05-18 markcPrevent reference null call point
1995-05-18 markcRemoved tag dictionary
1995-05-18 markcRemoved resource preds
1995-05-18 markcRemoved resource definitions
1995-05-18 markcRemoved resource predicate definitions
1995-05-18 markcData structures used to specify legal refinements for...
1995-05-18 markcReplaced process dict with process map
1995-05-18 markcCleaned up declarations of metric functions
1995-05-18 markcreplace process dict with process map
1995-05-18 markcReplace process dict with process map
1995-05-18 markcAdded dummy functions for getrusage calls
1995-05-18 markcAdded new opcode DataAddr
1995-05-18 markcPrevent read-only registers from being deallocated.
1995-05-18 markcMDL support. mdl.C implements the igen class methods
1995-03-11 krisnalibutil name change
1995-03-10 hollingsFixed several aspects realted to the cost model:
1995-03-10 hollingsAdded getPointCost and getInsnCost.
1995-03-10 hollingsAdded code to include base tramp cost in first mini...
1995-03-10 hollingsChanged exit function to _cleanup.
1995-02-26 markcvector.size() returns an unsigned. If the vector is...
1995-02-26 markcUpgraded to compile using new interfaces. Many public...
1995-02-26 markcCommented code that needs to be reexamined.
1995-02-26 markcFixed for pvm version. The pvm ifdefs are still ugly...
1995-02-26 markcUpdated to compile under new system.
1995-02-26 markcChanged addProcess interface to use reference to string...
1995-02-26 markcChanged vector of strings to reference to vector of...
1995-02-24 markcCheck if an address could be for an instruction before...
1995-02-21 markcAdded slightly better error recovery, with messages...
1995-02-16 markcCorrected error in comments -- I put a "star slash...
1995-02-16 markcChanged igen interfaces to use strings/vectors rather...
1995-02-16 markcNew support for templates
1995-02-10 jcargillRemoved include of util kludges
1995-01-30 jcargillMajor build system reorganization
1995-01-30 jcargillchanges for gcc-2.6.3; intCounter was both a typedef...
1995-01-26 jcargillUpdated igen-generated includes to new naming convention
1994-12-15 markcmake resourceBatch request prior to defining resources.
1994-11-12 rbiimproved status reporting for applications pauses
1994-11-11 rbiadded status reporting for process stops
1994-11-11 markcRemove non-emergency prints
1994-11-11 jcargill"Fixed" pause_time definition for CM5
1994-11-11 markcUsed correct arg order for RPC_make_arg_list
1994-11-11 markcAdded code to bundle extra command line argument.
1994-11-11 markcFixed the code to allow paradyndPVM to be started via...
1994-11-11 markcTurned off writing to cout when message metrics are...
1994-11-11 markcTurned off print message when internal metrics are...
1994-11-10 jcargillCorrected slight "oops" in last commit with number...
1994-11-10 markc"Ported" remote execution to pvm. It was only working...
1994-11-10 jcargillRemoved active_process from the list of all metrics...
1994-11-10 markcmetricValue gets intialized to 0.
1994-11-10 markcTurn off creation of MODS file.
1994-11-10 jcargillRemoved references to kludgeInternalMetric
1994-11-10 jcargillThe "Don't Blame Me Either" commit
1994-11-09 rbithe "Don't Blame Me" commit
1994-11-07 jcargillFixed bug in predicate list defns; observed_cost and...
1994-11-06 rbihid some debugging output.
1994-11-06 newhallfix to support remote paradynd start, replaced logLine...
1994-11-06 jcargillFixed early paradynd startup problem; resources sent...
1994-11-03 rbiEliminated argc from addExecutable interface.
1994-11-02 hollingsMade the observed cost model use a normal variable...
1994-11-02 markcRemoved compiler warnings.
1994-11-02 markcRemove old malloc wrappers.
1994-11-02 markcCommented out the cost model.
1994-11-02 markcInstantiated new classes here.
1994-11-02 markcAdded class support for image, module, function.
1994-11-02 markcMade symbol table parsing machine independent.
1994-11-02 markcREplaced container classes.
1994-11-02 markcPut our "PTRACE" defines here.