Added code to suppress "functions" that have aninvalid instruction
[dyninst.git] / paradynd /
1994-10-25 hollingsAdded code to suppress "functions" that have aninvalid...
1994-10-25 hollingsadded default clock speed to prevent divide by zero...
1994-10-21 jcargillMade PCptrace intf agree with defn in instP.h; cast...
1994-10-04 jcargillRemoved requirement that functions have valid line...
1994-09-30 rbiBasic instrumentation for CMFortran
1994-09-23 jcargillMiniscule cleanup of node i/o polling
1994-09-22 markcRemoved #include "resource.h"
1994-09-22 markcRemoved compiler warnings
1994-09-22 markcChange signature to intComp
1994-09-22 markcChanged signature to intComp
1994-09-22 markcGave type names to typedefs
1994-09-22 markcMade structs classes
1994-09-22 markcmade system includes extern "C"
1994-09-22 markcchanged frees to deletes
1994-09-22 markcChange names of resource classes
1994-09-22 markccast stringHandles
1994-09-22 markcchanged types to agree with ptrace signature
1994-09-22 markcChanged structs to classes
1994-09-22 markcchanged *allocs to new
1994-09-22 markcchanged *allocs to news
1994-09-22 markcAdded signatures for select, wait3
1994-09-22 markcChanged names for resource classes
1994-09-22 markcChanged name of class function pdFunction
1994-09-22 markcAdded static class initializers for DYNINSTallMetrics
1994-09-22 markcChanged structs to classes
1994-09-22 markccast args to memset
1994-09-22 markcaccess metricList using method
1994-09-22 markcAdded sparc specific ifdefs
1994-09-22 markcinstantiate class as class, not struct
1994-09-22 markcchange instInstanceRec struct to a class
1994-09-22 markcChanged *allocs to news
1994-09-22 markcEnter handles for primitiveCosts into stringPool
1994-09-22 markcmade getStrOp() return const char*
1994-09-22 markcChanged libraryList to List<libraryFunc*>
1994-09-22 markcDeclare system includes as extern "C"
1994-09-22 markcMade system includes extern "C"
1994-09-22 markcAdded most of dyninst.h, temporary
1994-09-22 markcreorganized, temporary
1994-09-22 markccast stringHandle to char*
1994-09-22 markcStandardized ptrace, PCptrace signatures
1994-09-22 markcMade system includes extern "C"
1994-09-22 markcMade system includes extern "C"
1994-09-22 markcMade first arg to AstNode constructor const
1994-09-22 markcCast args for printf
1994-09-22 markcMade system includes extern"C"
1994-09-22 markcAdded log message, duplicate include guards
1994-09-20 hollingsadded code to use actual clock speed for cost model...
1994-09-20 hollingsadded FP_OP2_FPop1 and FP_OP2_FPop2
1994-09-15 rbiRemoved unneeded switch branch.
1994-09-14 rbiFixed system calls in loadSymTable()
1994-09-05 jcargillBug fix: enabling certain metrics could cause no instr...
1994-08-17 markcAdded reachedFirstBreak variable.
1994-08-17 markcChanged execv to execvp.
1994-08-17 markcCall installDefaultInst when SIGTRAP is seen.
1994-08-17 markcRemoved finishMsgBytesMetric.
1994-08-17 markcAdded extra parameter to reportSelf call.
1994-08-17 markcChanged variable names in installDefaultInst to quiet...
1994-08-17 markcChanged the execv to execvp.
1994-08-17 markcAdded pvm_getrbuf and pvm_getsbuf to initLibraryFuncs...
1994-08-17 markcMoved call to install default instrumentation to SIGTRA...
1994-08-17 markcChanged variable names to remove compiler warnings.
1994-08-17 markcRemoved early return from metricDefinitionNode::insertI...
1994-08-08 hollingsAdded suppress instrumentation command.
1994-08-02 hollingsfixed modules to use list template for lists of functions.
1994-08-02 hollingsadded clock speed argument to stats.
1994-08-02 hollingsadded clock speed argument to printAppStats
1994-08-02 hollingschanged module lists to use new lists.
1994-08-02 hollingsChanged comparison for samples going backwards to use...
1994-08-02 hollingschanged costs to reflect new retries for race condition...
1994-08-01 markcAdded computePauseTimeMetric to allow paradyndPVM to...
1994-07-28 krisnachanged definitions/declarations of xalloc functions...
1994-07-26 hollingsfixed heap allocation to use hash tables.
1994-07-26 hollingsswitch to select based polling of nodes.
1994-07-26 hollingsremoved un userd if
1994-07-26 hollingsnew file to define instruction types and fields.
1994-07-26 hollingsadded CMMDhostless variable.
1994-07-26 hollingsremoved slots executed counter.
1994-07-26 hollingsmoved instruction definitions to seperate header file.
1994-07-26 hollingscommented out print statements.
1994-07-22 hollingsremoved mistaken divid by 1Meg for predicted cost.
1994-07-22 hollingsadded pauseTime and wallTime.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTimeMetric to machine specific area.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTimeMetric here, and added lib func...
1994-07-22 hollingsupdate cost data, move pausetime in here.
1994-07-22 hollingsmoved computePauseTime to machine specific area.
1994-07-21 hollingsremoved extra polls of the nodes for printfs.
1994-07-21 hollingsFixed to skip over null point and ast nodes for addInst...
1994-07-20 hollingsmade time in code gen stat stadard.
1994-07-20 hollingsadded insn generated metric.
1994-07-20 hollingsAdded real code for cost model.
1994-07-20 hollingsadded code to record time spend generating instrumentation.
1994-07-20 rbiSmall type change
1994-07-20 rbiRemoved annoying printf
1994-07-16 hollingsfixed stats to not devidi by 1meg, fixed negative time...
1994-07-15 hollingsfixed 64 bit record to be 32 bits.
1994-07-15 hollingsmoved dyninst stats to stats.C
1994-07-14 hollingsHybrid cost model added.
1994-07-14 hollingsCorrected file mask on io redirection.
1994-07-14 jcargillAdded kludges file to clean up compilation warnings.
1994-07-14 jcargillAdded new file for dynRPC functions, and a default...