fix to relocating functions with a call instruction immediately following
[dyninst.git] / paradynd / make.module.tmpl
1996-07-25 mjrgDivided the templates files, to avoid problems compilin...
1996-07-09 lzhengmove HP specific files to the makefile in the hpux...
1996-07-09 lzhengadded templatesHP.C for HPUX only
1996-04-29 tamchesadded internalMetrics.C
1996-04-08 lzhengreplaced templates.C with templates0.C and templates1...
1996-02-13 newhalladded costmetrics.C
1995-12-20 tamchesmoved -liberty from LIBS to SYSLIBS
1995-12-15 mjrgMerged paradynd and paradyndPVM
1995-10-24 tamchesCommented out ../src/metricDefs-common.C, which has...
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-05-30 krisnamoved arch-os specific sources to appropriate directory
1995-05-18 markcAdded new source files
1995-03-11 krisnalibutil name change
1995-02-16 markcNew support for templates
1995-01-30 jcargillMajor build system reorganization