changed data values from double to float
[dyninst.git] / paradyn /
1994-05-10 hollingsChanged data upcall to return array of buckets.
1994-05-09 hollingsadded PARADYNCONFIG environment varaible for local...
1994-05-09 hollingsChanged paradyn shg start to clearSHG not init it.
1994-05-09 hollingsAdded clearSHG.
1994-05-09 hollingsadded changeState callback.
1994-05-09 hollingsadded changeState to dataManager, and clearSHG to perfo...
1994-05-07 karavaneliminated [location-dependent] tcl init file.
1994-05-07 karavanadded short explanation feature to shg.
1994-05-07 karavanadded short explanation feature to SHG.
1994-05-07 karavanadded msg if no metrics defined
1994-05-07 karavanadded short explanation feature
1994-05-07 karavaninitial version
1994-05-06 karavanchanged pathname to paradyn directory.
1994-05-06 karavanadded startSHG().
1994-05-06 karavanbuttons now functional: Performance Consultant; RUN...
1994-05-06 karavanchanged buttons to AUTO SEARCH/REFINE/PAUSE-RUN
1994-05-06 karavanadded shg start command
1994-05-06 karavanSHG now initialized only upon request
1994-05-05 karavanchanged tcl calls to procedures. removed conflicting...
1994-05-05 karavaninitial version.
1994-05-05 karavanadded structure defn
1994-05-05 karavanchanged chooseMetricsandResources
1994-05-05 karavanadded call to uimpd command for visi menu.
1994-05-05 karavanmoved CmdTabEntry definition from paradyn.tcl.C to...
1994-05-04 karavanCorrected menu error when multiple visis requested.
1994-05-03 karavanInitial version.
1994-05-02 hollingsadded search pause command and shg commands.
1994-05-02 hollingsadded pause search mode, and cleanedup global variable...
1994-05-02 hollingsFixed compiler warning.
1994-05-02 hollingsAdded pause and shg get node routines.
1994-04-29 newhallchanged typedefs of structs to deal with g++/gdb bug
1994-04-28 newhalltest version 2
1994-04-28 newhalladded PARADYN_DEBUG macro: prints debug message if...
1994-04-27 hollingsMerged refine auto and search.
1994-04-21 hollingsRemoced setParadynd name function.
1994-04-21 hollingschanged to no initial paradynd being defined.
1994-04-21 hollingsadded process command.
1994-04-21 hollingsremoved process name from calls to RPC_make_arg_list.
1994-04-21 karavanthe *working* version, this time!
1994-04-21 karavanAdded initialization of tcl dag command.
1994-04-21 karavanImplemented DAG functions.
1994-04-21 karavanAdded most DAG services and sync versions of message...
1994-04-21 karavanchanged search and autoRefine to async to avoid deadloc...
1994-04-21 karavanadded global SHGid for visual display.
1994-04-21 karavanupdated shgInit() to include display initialization...
1994-04-21 karavanAdded changeStatus and changeActive member functions...
1994-04-21 karavanadded calls to changeStatus and changeActive - klk
1994-04-21 karavanadded calls to draw shg; changed node shortName from...
1994-04-21 karavanadded node and edge style numbers for shg display ...
1994-04-20 hollingsadded data manager function to get histogram buckets.
1994-04-20 hollingsAdded error numbers.
1994-04-20 hollingsAdded error numbers.
1994-04-19 rbiAdded new tcl commands and updated "enable" to return...
1994-04-19 rbiAdded getTotValue method to get non-normalized metric...
1994-04-19 rbiAdded GetTotValue method to get non-normalized metric...
1994-04-18 hollingsChanges to create a canonical form of a resource list.
1994-04-13 markcAdded ifdef print statements to see hypothesis checks.
1994-04-13 markcChanged pointer to .tcl file.
1994-04-12 hollingsFixed casts back to time64 which were dropping off...
1994-04-12 hollingsgeneralized hysteresis into a normalization constant...
1994-04-12 hollingsadded tunable constant samplingRate to control the...
1994-04-11 hollingslowered cpu threshold to 60%.
1994-04-11 hollingsChanged default hyst. to 15%.
1994-04-11 hollingsadded checks to make sure time moves forward.
1994-04-10 newhalladded VM definitions
1994-04-10 newhalladded visi command
1994-04-10 newhalladded visualization manager thread create
1994-04-10 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-04-09 newhallchange VMDestroyVisi to async
1994-04-09 newhallchange VISIKillVisi to async
1994-04-09 newhalltest version
1994-04-09 hollingsFixed paramter to tunable constant to work.
1994-04-06 markcIncluded assert.h.
1994-04-06 markcAdded code to provide local paradynd with a machine...
1994-04-06 markcAdded "include <assert.h>"
1994-04-06 markcFirst log message.
1994-04-06 karavanadded working versions of getMetricsandResources, showE...
1994-04-06 karavanadded call to tcl initialization script
1994-04-06 karavanchanged interp to global
1994-04-05 rbiFixed a bunch of tcl related stuff.
1994-04-05 karavanReinstated User Interface.
1994-04-05 karavanInitial version.
1994-04-05 karavaninitial version of UI thread code and tcl paradyn command
1994-04-05 karavanChanged order of thread initialization to avoid deadloc...
1994-04-04 newhall*** empty log message ***
1994-04-04 newhalladded synchronization code to PCmain
1994-04-04 newhalladded synchronization code to DM thread startup
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded calls to query bucketWidth and max number of...
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded init of well known socket fd global.
1994-03-31 markcAdded pauseProcess, continueProcess member functions.
1994-03-31 markcAdded dataManager continue/pause Process.
1994-03-31 markcadded pause/continue Process.
1994-03-30 newhallexported services of the Visualization Manager thread
1994-03-30 newhallexported services of visualization threads of paradyn
1994-03-29 karavaninitial version for testing.
1994-03-29 karavaninitial version for testing
1994-03-25 hollingsMade the data manager tolerate paraynd's dying.
1994-03-24 hollingsAdded support for multiple paradynd's at once.
1994-03-22 hollingsMade it possible to add new processes (& paradynd's...
1994-03-21 hollingsChanged the mid to mi mapping to be per paradyn daemon...