Adding error message when shmat fails - naim
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1995-08-01 newhallchanges to support phase interface
1995-07-17 tamchesUpdated for the new where axis code
1994-11-03 rbiNew process definition interface.
1994-10-31 tamchestunable descriptions
1994-10-26 tamchesadded relevant tclTunable routines
1994-10-25 karavanImplemented Resource Display Objects, which manage...
1994-06-12 karavannew procedure in initSHG.tcl
1994-05-23 karavanits a whole new look for paradyn!
1994-05-06 karavanchanged buttons to AUTO SEARCH/REFINE/PAUSE-RUN
1994-05-05 karavanadded call to uimpd command for visi menu.
1994-05-03 karavanInitial version.