New process definition interface.
[dyninst.git] / paradyn / tcl / mainMenu.tcl
1994-11-03 rbiNew process definition interface.
1994-11-03 karavanStatus display lines and where axis display pasted...
1994-11-03 karavanadded frame for status line service.
1994-11-01 karavanupdated Where axis choices
1994-10-26 tamchesAdded tunable constants menu item
1994-10-09 karavanImplemented new UIM/visithread interface with metrespai...
1994-09-13 karavaninitialize new global: metMenuCtr
1994-08-01 karavanchanges to accommodate new dag design.
1994-07-25 rbiScrollbars are even more comely than before.
1994-07-21 rbiNo more jumpy resizes.
1994-07-21 rbiYANS -- Yet another new style
1994-07-20 rbiCut and Paste for Entries (Yahoo!) and better BW support
1994-07-07 karavanbug fix: menu name specification error
1994-06-29 hollingskilled old background colors and switched to motif...
1994-06-12 karavanimplemented button update by status change callback.
1994-05-30 hollingsRemoved debugging puts.
1994-05-26 karavanchanged location of bitmap file for logo.
1994-05-23 karavanits a whole new look for paradyn!
1994-05-06 karavanbuttons now functional: Performance Consultant; RUN...
1994-05-05 karavanadded call to uimpd command for visi menu.
1994-05-03 karavanInitial version.