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1997-09-09 czhangUpdate some obsoletes. -czhang
1997-06-27 tamchesremoved some warnings
1997-06-24 tamchesdummy mk_list()
1997-06-24 newhallchanged exclude_node to exclude
1997-06-07 newhallreplaced exclude_func and exclude_lib with exclude_node
1997-06-05 newhalladded exclude_func mdl option to exclude shared object...
1997-06-03 naimRemoving cm5d from source code - naim
1997-05-23 mjrgWindows NT port
1997-05-02 mjrgRemoved use of class objects from struct parseStack...
1997-04-29 mjrgminor change for Visual C++
1997-04-21 hseomadded support for trace data
1997-04-17 secMade is so that negative numbers are allowed.
1997-04-14 zhichenAdded | tIDENT tLSQUARE tUNS tRSQUARE tDOT tIDENT for...
1997-04-14 zhichenAdded MDL_T_MEMORY(VARIABLE,RECORD), get_type, memory...
1997-04-14 zhichenAdded MDL_T_RECORD and fixed a bug.
1997-04-14 newhallremoved pdFunction class
1997-04-02 zhichenAdded memory
1997-04-02 zhichenadded 'Memory'
1997-03-29 secAdded parsing commands to understand the wildcard ...
1997-03-29 secChanged /MsgTag to /Message
1997-02-21 naimEliminating references to dataReqNode from the ast...
1997-01-15 tamchesextra bool arg to apply
1996-11-26 naimFixing asserts - naim
1996-11-14 naimChanging AstNodes back to pointers to improve performan...
1996-10-31 tamchesreduced warnings; de-inlined some fns
1996-10-08 mjrgchanged the evaluation of resource lists
1996-09-26 newhalladded "exclude_lib" mdl option
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1
1996-04-19 naimAdding a procedure that will be called when we want...
1996-04-04 newhalladded limit option to visi definition
1996-04-03 naimEliminating "simd" from the daemon's menu for the meant...
1996-03-25 tamchesthe reduce-mem-leaks-in-paradynd commit
1996-03-20 mjrgChanged mdl to support calls with multiple arguments.
1996-03-09 hollingsFixed a call to apply that was passing NULL where a...
1996-03-05 mjrgremoved debug printf.
1996-03-01 mjrgAdded type to resources.
1996-02-16 tamchesfixed compile error
1996-02-16 tamchesstart_process now calls expand_tilde_pathname
1996-02-16 naimChecking error conditions in PCL file - naim
1996-01-29 mjrgAdded metric propagation when new processes start
1996-01-05 newhallfixed purify error
1995-12-22 naimFixing aggregation operators - naim
1995-12-18 newhallchanged metric units type so that it can have one of...
1995-12-15 mjrgMerged paradynd and paradyndPVM
1995-11-28 naimMinor fix - naim
1995-11-28 naimMinor fix. Changing char[number] by string - naim
1995-11-21 naimFixing unitsType definition for MDL grammar - naim
1995-11-21 naimChanging the MDL grammar to allow more flexible metric...
1995-11-17 newhalladded "unitsType" option to MDL, can be "normalized...
1995-11-13 naimAdding "mode" option to the Metric Description Language...
1995-11-13 naimAdding "mode" option to the Metric Description Language...
1995-11-08 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-11-06 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-11-03 tamcheschanged Paradynrc_NEW to paradyn.rc and
1995-10-13 naimMinor change for handling PAUSE and RUN buttons when...
1995-09-18 mjrgAdded directory command.
1995-09-08 krisnastupid way to avoid the for-scope problem
1995-08-24 hollingsAIX/SP-2 port (including option for split instruction...
1995-08-18 mjrgAdded calls to metDoDaemon, metDoProcess, metDoTunable.
1995-08-11 newhallremoved calls to metDoDaemon,metDoVisi,metDoProcess...
1995-08-05 krisnado not define variables across label jumps
1995-07-24 tamchesThe Procedure -- > Code commit
1995-06-02 newhallmade code compatable with new DM interface
1995-05-26 markcChanged tINT to tUNS. The scanner does not produce...
1995-05-18 markcmdl code
1995-05-18 markcmdl
1995-05-18 markcAdded mdl hooks
1995-03-30 jcargillFixed a minor UMR purify turned up
1995-02-27 tamchesThe use of tunable constants has changed to reflect...
1995-02-16 markcChanged Boolean to bool.
1995-02-07 newhalladded a force option to the visualization definition...
1994-12-21 tamchesRemoved uses of tunableConstant::allConstants, which...
1994-12-21 tamchesUsed the new tunableConstant::findTunableConstant(...
1994-11-03 krisnaremoved bare prototype for gethostname
1994-10-10 newhallremoved the default visi: HISTOGRAM_REALTIME
1994-09-25 newhallchanged arguments to VMAddNewVisualization
1994-09-22 markcSet default args
1994-08-31 markcAdded log entries to metClass
1994-08-23 jcargillAdded metClass.C file that Mark forgot to commit
1994-08-22 markcUpdate to agree with grammar.
1994-08-22 markcConfig language version 2.
1994-08-22 markcConfig language version 2.
1994-08-17 markcRemoved typedef for metArchType, replaced with #defines.
1994-08-05 hollingsmore consistant use of stringHandle vs. char *.
1994-08-04 newhallchanged value of hlen in metMain() to fix array bounds...
1994-08-04 hollingsGave the Visi's usable names.
1994-08-03 hollingssplit tunable constants into two parts: boolean and...
1994-07-07 markcTurned off debugging printfs.
1994-07-07 markcConfiguration language parser.
1994-07-07 markcConfiguration language parser.