bug fix to VISIthreadchooseMetRes to check for 'Cancel' case. removed warnings
[dyninst.git] / paradyn / src / VISIthread / VISIthreadpublic.C
1997-07-13 newhallbug fix to VISIthreadchooseMetRes to check for 'Cancel...
1997-04-21 hseomadded support for trace data
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1
1996-04-30 newhallchanges to support the asynchrounous enable data calls...
1996-04-04 newhallchanges to enable routines so that they only enable...
1996-02-23 tamchesadded 2 bool params to visualizationUser::StartPhase
1996-02-19 newhallfix to avoid error #16 when a visi exits
1996-02-05 newhallChange to DM interface: StartPhase and newPhaseCallback
1996-01-05 newhallremoved warnings
1995-12-15 naimAdding call back function to display error messages...
1995-11-20 tamcheschanges to use new buffer scheme of VISIthreadmain.C
1995-08-01 newhallchanges to support phase interface
1995-06-02 newhallmade code compatable with new DM interface
1995-02-26 newhalladded some of the support for the phase interface
1995-02-16 markcRemoved start slash from comments
1995-02-16 markcChanged Boolean to bool
1995-01-26 jcargillChanged igen-generated include files to new naming...
1995-01-05 newhallchanged the size of the data buffer to be proportional
1994-11-04 newhallremoved printfs
1994-09-22 markcChanged "String" to "char*"
1994-08-13 newhallchanged when a visualization process is started