updating the feature formerly known as SAVE.
[dyninst.git] / paradyn / src / UIthread / paradyn.tcl.C
1999-05-19 karavanupdating the feature formerly known as SAVE.
1999-05-19 karavanupdated the feature formerly known as SAVE.
1999-03-03 pcrothUpdated to support Windows NT as a front-end platform
1998-04-06 wylieEnsure "Application status" follows "Application name...
1998-03-03 wylieRevised interface to tcl for additional information...
1997-12-18 newhalladd trace perfStreamHandle to disableData calls
1997-06-06 mjrgAdded option for manual daemon start-up
1997-05-02 karavanadded new functionality to support "SAVE" feature.
1997-04-21 hseomadded support for trace data
1997-01-30 tamchesattach no longer takes in a dir
1997-01-16 tamchesextra params to attach for dir + prog-name
1997-01-15 tamchesadded attach command
1996-10-31 tamchesdon't call enablePAUSEorRUN anymore in certain places;
1996-08-16 tamchesupdated copyright for release 1.1
1996-05-06 newhallchanged call to enableDataRequest
1996-05-06 naimFixing problem with continueProc - naim
1996-05-01 newhall*** empty log message ***
1996-04-30 newhallchanges to support the asynchrounous enable data calls...
1996-02-21 tamchesParadynPauseCmd and ParadynContCmd disable related...
1996-02-21 naimMinor warning fix - naim
1996-02-19 naimFixing problem when pressing RUN or PAUSE buttons ...
1996-02-16 tamchesparadynProcessCmd now calls expand_tilde_pathname
1996-02-15 tamchesadded applicationDefined
1996-02-02 karavanChanges to support the new PC/UI interface
1996-01-09 tamchesadded phaseId argument to paradyn shg getNodeInfo
1996-01-09 tamchesextra error checking in "paradyn shg getNodeInfo"
1996-01-08 tamchesadded "paradyn shg getNodeInfo <id>" command, which...
1995-12-08 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-12-01 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-11-28 naimAdding boolean parameter to getAvailableMetric - naim
1995-11-08 tamchesremoved some warnings
1995-11-08 tamchesno longer prints a msg when a tunable constant value...
1995-11-07 tamchesallowed blank directory names in paradynProcessCmd...
1995-11-07 tamchesdirectory names in the "start a process" dialog box...
1995-11-06 tamchesremoved a lot of warnings under g++ 2.7.0
1995-11-03 naimAdding paradyn exit command - naim
1995-10-30 naimMinor fix: eliminating error message from status_line...
1995-10-17 tamchesclass abstractions is no longer templated
1995-10-13 naimMinor change for handling PAUSE and RUN buttons when...
1995-10-06 naimFixing bug: pressing RUN while defining a process produ...
1995-10-05 karavanchanges to paradyn search and paradyn shg commands...
1995-09-18 mjrgAdded directory command.
1995-08-07 tamchesAdded waSetAbstraction, waSelect, and waUnselect
1995-08-01 newhallchanges to support phase interface
1995-06-26 tamchesRemoved references to tunable constant print member...
1995-06-02 newhallmade code compatable with new DM interface
1995-02-27 tamchesChanges to reflect the new TCthread.
1995-02-16 markcChanged Boolean to bool
1995-02-07 newhallchanged parameters to VMCreateVisi call
1995-01-26 jcargillChanged igen-generated include files to new naming...
1994-12-21 tamchesRemoved uses of tunableConstant::allConstants, which...
1994-12-21 tamchesused the new findTunableConstant() method function...
1994-11-11 rbicausing serious illness to debugging printf()
1994-11-10 rbiphysical illness and possible death in the family
1994-11-07 jcargillAdded ability to suppress search on children of a resou...
1994-11-04 rbiAdded paradyn daemon command
1994-11-03 krisnaadded status_lines for application name and application...
1994-11-01 karavansome minor performance and warning fixes
1994-09-25 newhallupdated to support changes in VM, and UI interface
1994-09-22 markcCast stringHandles to char*s in printf statements
1994-08-22 markcAdded extra argument to addExecutable call.
1994-08-13 newhallchanged call to VMCreateVisi
1994-08-08 hollingsadded suppress instrumentation command.
1994-08-05 hollingsmore consistant use of stringHandle vs. char *.
1994-08-03 hollingssplit tunable constant into boolean and float types.
1994-07-25 hollingsadded suppress resource option.
1994-07-07 markcChanged expected result of call to dataMgr->addExecutable
1994-07-03 karavanbug fix: removed call to delete name returned from...
1994-07-02 markcRemoved aggregation operator from enableDataCollection...
1994-06-14 markcAdded extra arg to enableDataCollection call. This...
1994-05-31 hollingsChanges to permit direct access to resources and resour...
1994-05-26 karavancorrected return value for Process command, to return...
1994-05-18 hollingsadded pid argument to core command.
1994-05-12 hollingsmade path to paradyn.h relative.
1994-05-09 hollingsChanged paradyn shg start to clearSHG not init it.
1994-05-06 karavanadded shg start command
1994-05-05 karavanmoved CmdTabEntry definition from paradyn.tcl.C to...
1994-05-02 hollingsadded search pause command and shg commands.
1994-04-27 hollingsMerged refine auto and search.
1994-04-21 hollingsadded process command.
1994-04-19 rbiAdded new tcl commands and updated "enable" to return...
1994-04-10 newhalladded visi command
1994-04-09 hollingsFixed paramter to tunable constant to work.
1994-04-06 markcIncluded assert.h.
1994-04-05 rbiFixed a bunch of tcl related stuff.
1994-04-05 karavaninitial version of UI thread code and tcl paradyn command