Removed start slash from comments
[dyninst.git] / paradyn / src / DMthread / DMmain.C
1995-02-16 markcRemoved start slash from comments
1995-02-16 markcChanged Boolean to bool
1995-01-26 jcargillChanged igen-generated include files to new naming...
1994-12-21 tamchesMinor change to tunable constant declaration to reflect...
1994-12-15 markcInitialized count used to track resourceBatch requests.
1994-11-11 markcCheck to see if status is non-null
1994-11-11 markcAdded extra arg to RPC_make_arg_list to tell paradyndPV...
1994-11-09 rbithe "Don't Blame Me" commit
1994-11-03 karavanAllow blank string for parent resource name so paradynd...
1994-11-03 karavanChanged error printfs to calls to UIM::showError
1994-11-02 markcPass NULL rather than "" in resourceInfoCallback
1994-09-30 rbiAbstraction interface change.
1994-09-22 markcChanged "String" to "char*"
1994-09-05 jcargillBetter control of PC output through tunable constants.
1994-08-22 markcAdd code for class daemonEntry
1994-08-17 markcAdded flavor paramater to paradyn daemon data structure.
1994-08-05 hollingsmore consistant use of stringHandle vs. char *.
1994-08-03 hollingsAdded tunableConstant to print enable/disable pairs.
1994-07-28 krisnainclude <rpc/types.h>
1994-07-26 hollingsadded suppressSearch.
1994-07-25 hollingsadded suppress resource option.
1994-07-20 hollingsadded resource batch mode.
1994-07-07 markcChanged expected return types for appContext functions...
1994-07-05 hollingsadded observed cost model.
1994-07-02 markcRemoved all uses of type aggregation from enableDataCol...
1994-06-29 hollingsfixed code to remove instrumenation when done with it.
1994-06-27 rbiAbstraction-specific resources and mapping info
1994-06-27 hollingschanged stdio printf for paradynd.
1994-06-17 hollingsAdded code to provide upcall for resource batch mode...
1994-06-14 markcAdded arg to enableDataCollection call to support aggre...
1994-06-02 markcAdded virtual function 'handle_error' to pardynDaemon...
1994-05-31 markcstrdup'd a string passed into createResource, since...
1994-05-18 hollingsfixed cast one return of malloc.
1994-05-18 hollingsadded routine to print output of stdout.
1994-05-17 hollingsChanged process id speperator from [] to {} to get...
1994-05-16 hollingsadded way to request unique resource name.
1994-05-12 hollingsmade path to paradyn.h relative.
1994-05-10 hollingsChanged data upcall to return array of buckets.
1994-05-09 hollingsadded changeState callback.
1994-05-02 hollingsFixed compiler warning.
1994-04-21 hollingsremoved process name from calls to RPC_make_arg_list.
1994-04-20 hollingsAdded error numbers.
1994-04-18 hollingsChanges to create a canonical form of a resource list.
1994-04-12 hollingsFixed casts back to time64 which were dropping off...
1994-04-12 hollingsadded tunable constant samplingRate to control the...
1994-04-11 hollingsadded checks to make sure time moves forward.
1994-04-04 newhalladded synchronization code to DM thread startup
1994-04-01 hollingsAdded init of well known socket fd global.
1994-03-25 hollingsMade the data manager tolerate paraynd's dying.
1994-03-24 hollingsAdded support for multiple paradynd's at once.
1994-03-21 hollingsChanged the mid to mi mapping to be per paradyn daemon...
1994-03-20 markcGave process structure a buffer to allow multiple write...
1994-03-08 hollingsAdded foldCallback and getResourceListName.
1994-02-25 markcAdded support for storing paradynd's pids.
1994-02-24 markcAdded an upcall to dyninstRPC.I to allow paradynd's...
1994-02-08 hollingsFound a few pointer problems.
1994-02-03 hollingsChanges to work with g++ version 2.5.2.
1994-02-02 hollingsChanges to the Data manager to reflect the file naming...