Modified to support machines which do not have NaN(x).
[dyninst.git] / make.config
1995-02-16 markcAdded flags for template and kludge files.
1995-01-30 jcargillFixed error; use CXX rather then CC++
1995-01-30 jcargillMajor build system reorganization
1994-09-30 rbiitty bitty typo fix
1994-06-29 hollingsAFS file paths
1994-05-17 hollingsadded default baselined lib to VPATH
1994-05-11 jcargillRemoved the PATH variable; should obey user's path...
1994-05-09 rbiupdated pvm include and lib paths
1994-03-01 hollingschanged from yacc to bison.
1994-02-28 jcargillAdded PVM include and library paths, controlled by...
1994-02-07 hollingsFixes to pick up baselined stuff.
1994-02-04 hollingsFirst cut at toplevel make.
1994-01-28 hollingsAdded YFLAGS
1994-01-25 hollingsBase makefile rules