Use CMAKE_xx_COMPILER when building external dependencies (#636)
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI_RT /
2019-05-02 Sasha NĂ­colasFixing TBB dependencies during build. (#570)
2019-01-29 Xiaozhu MengA couple fixes for binary rewriting of statically linke...
2018-11-08 Sasha @leelaCorrect LDR/STR instructions for SIMD&FP
2018-11-07 Sasha @leelaImplementing DynFrameHelper::allocatesFrame
2018-06-18 Sasha @leelaFixing BaseTramp generation and Liveness:
2018-05-19 Sasha Nicolas (arm1)Fixing MOV instruction generation.
2017-08-31 Itaru KitayamaRemove !arch_aarch64 guard in init function
2017-01-29 Peter FoleyMerge pull request #168 from pefoley2/types
2016-11-14 Josh StoneRT: trymmap should retry if the result is out of range 231/head
2016-11-11 Peter Foleyuse compiler intrinsics on x64
2016-11-11 Peter Foleymake dyninstAPT_RT build on x64
2016-09-28 Peter Foleyfix dyninstAPI warnings
2016-08-22 Bill WilliamsMerge pull request #19 from pefoley2/appveyor
2016-08-21 Peter Foleyadd missing include
2016-08-21 Peter Foleycotire vs fixes
2016-08-21 Peter Foleyremove dead code
2016-06-21 Xiaozhu MengMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2016-06-18 Josh StoneMake the tramp guard bigger to avoid a glibc bug.
2016-06-17 Josh StoneRTlib: use static TLS for the tramp guard (#99)
2016-06-16 Xiaozhu MengMerge branch 'heap_refactoring' of
2016-06-15 Peter Foleyuse thread_local for VS compatibility
2016-06-15 Peter FoleyRefactor RTheap to avoid doing arithmetic with void* 95/head
2016-06-15 Peter Foleydelete generated vs files
2016-06-09 Bill Williamsrelease9.2/bugs/rtheap_mmap_only (#76)
2016-05-03 Marty McFadden 1) Cmake support for PPC64LE builds
2016-03-24 Peter Foleycmake cleanup and fixes
2016-01-12 Allison MorrisVarious DataflowAPI, DyninstAPI, PatchAPI, and runtime...
2015-08-20 Stevecommented .S stub file for arm64 temporarily
2015-08-20 Stevedebugsteppr can walk, but with errors
2015-08-20 SteveXiSongcommented .S in dyinstAPI_RT for temp use
2015-08-19 Stevecommented .S stub file for arm64 temporarily
2015-08-15 Alex MorrisRemoved duplicate RT file.
2015-08-14 Alex MorrisRemoved duplicate RT file.
2015-07-20 Stevedebugsteppr can walk, but with errors
2015-06-03 SteveXiSongremove warning
2015-06-03 SteveXiSongremove warning
2015-05-22 Steve modified: common/CMakeLists.txt
2015-05-08 Bill WilliamsCMake fixes for building/installing components separately.
2015-03-20 Steve modified: common/CMakeLists.txt
2015-03-18 Matthew LeGendreClean compiler warnings
2015-02-16 Bill WilliamsTLS-based tramp guards and cleanup
2015-02-12 Matthew LeGendreAdd .note.GNU-stack sections to RT assembly files to...
2014-08-19 Bill WilliamsFixes for RTlib 32 bit option to behave correctly. v8.2.0.1
2014-08-19 Bill WilliamsCMake changes for better/safer RTlib assembly building. v8.2.0
2014-08-18 Bill WilliamsExport the extern declaration too
2014-08-12 Josh StonedyninstAPI_RT: add DLLEXPORT to DYNINSTstaticMode
2014-07-22 Francis DeslauriersStarting from the default size buffer, we try to read...
2014-06-19 William Williamsppc fixes
2014-06-19 Bill WilliamsInitialize DYNINSTstaticMode=0 from the mutator if...
2014-06-13 William Williamsppc fixes
2014-06-03 Josh StonedyninstAPI_RT: fix export consistency for Windows
2014-05-21 Josh StonedyninstAPI_RT: export dyn_sigaction and dyn_signal too
2014-05-21 Josh StonedyninstAPI_RT: export more symbols to be found by dynin...
2014-04-30 Bill WilliamsInitialize DYNINSTstaticMode=0 from the mutator if...
2014-04-22 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v8.2
2014-04-21 ParadynWindows fixes & debug log cleanup
2014-04-10 ParadynWindows fixes & debug log cleanup
2014-02-25 ParadynClean up some missed exports & uninitialized variables.
2014-02-21 ParadynMassive simplifications to RTlib initialization process...
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/platform'
2014-02-04 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-03 Emily JacobsonMoved r_debug assert to the Linux runDYNINSTBaseInit()
2014-01-27 Matthew LeGendreMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-23 Emily JacobsonExport r_debug from the RTlib on Linux and
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsCMake 2.6 compatibility fixes.
2014-01-17 Bill WilliamsWarning cleanup
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnant .cvsignore files
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnants of IA64
2014-01-16 Josh StonePurge AIX support
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnants of Sparc and Solaris
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnants of Alpha and OSF
2013-12-20 Matthew LeGendreClean RT library cmake cache before configuring to...
2013-12-12 William WilliamsFixes for three bugs: tie CMake version dependency...
2013-11-27 Matthew LeGendreRefactor RT library into separate CMake project so...
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreFix issue where we were using the wrong BGQ compiler...
2013-11-20 Matthew LeGendreFix BGQ build error in RT library
2013-11-04 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/coverity'
2013-10-24 Josh StoneFix infinite loops in x86/x86_64 tc_lock_lock
2013-10-24 Josh StoneFix DYNINST_index_lock state and ppc64 writeFunctionPtr
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge branch 'warnings' into coverity
2013-09-17 Josh StonedyninstAPI_RT: fix many warnings from gcc 4.8
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into warnings
2013-09-04 Bill WilliamsBug fixes surrounding trap generation: postcondition...
2013-08-22 Bill WilliamsRedid static ctor/dtor handling to be compatible with...
2013-08-22 Bill WilliamsRemove AIX code from RTlib tramp guard init
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsRemove incorrect export declaration
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsAppend RTlib properties, don't overwrite
2013-08-15 Bill WilliamsAdded -fvisibility=hidden to Linux builds, with export...
2013-07-22 Bill WilliamsClean up properties
2013-07-22 Bill WilliamsPrint output location for debugging
2013-07-22 Bill WilliamsRevert bad property change; add status message; use...
2013-07-22 Bill WilliamsAppend RTlib properties, don't overwrite
2013-06-26 Bill WilliamsAdded -fvisibility=hidden to Linux builds, with export...
2013-06-26 ParadynCMake integration for Windows.
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatFix up CMake export config file ; remove codeCoverage...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMove dynutil/h to common/h; move common/h to common...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatAdd the x86_64/linux tests cmake structure
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatManually specify RT lib .S files to be built with gcc.
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatTest suite builds on amd-64/linux
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatTheoretically fix the 32-bit build check for RTlib