fix bug so don't try to set initial actual value for aggComponents
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI_RT / nmake.module.tmpl
2001-03-14 pcrothUpdated version number to 2.3 for release. Release3_2
2000-08-22 wylieSet RELEASE_NUM to 2.2
2000-04-11 buckUpdate Dyninst API version number and README files.
1999-11-11 wylieUpdated RELEASE_NUM to synchronize with dyninstAPI
1999-05-29 wylieCorrected SUITE_NAME
1998-09-16 wylieIncremented RELEASE_NUM (for release!)
1998-04-01 wylieParameterization of "toplevel" definitions.
1998-03-02 wylieParameterize LIBRARY_DEST, PROGRAM_DEST, etc.
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.