WIP commit
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI_RT / i386-unknown-nt4.0 /
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatRemove old Makefile system; testsuite is currently...
2012-06-26 Andrew BernatFix bug that slowed ParseThat; remove dynptr header...
2005-09-09 legendreReorganized both the Paradyn and Dyninst runtime librar...
2005-02-09 jawasynchronous event handling loop. test12.
2004-02-29 schendelupdated .cvsignore files;
2003-03-28 pcrothUpdated to use dbghelp instead of imagehlp. Updated...
2001-07-12 chaddHello all:
2001-07-09 chaddHello all:
2000-08-21 schendelupdated varios NT DEPENDS files with the aid of a perl...
2000-08-20 paradynUpdated util->common
2000-08-08 wylieOptional runtime library debug/trace switch
1999-11-11 wylieupdated dependencies (at least partially)
1999-03-03 pcrothUpdated to use WinSock 2.0
1998-07-23 wylieAdded -PDB:NONE to link command to avoid generating...
1998-04-06 wylieRemoved obsolete PVM reference
1998-04-01 wylieCosmetica
1998-04-01 wylieParameterization of "toplevel" definitions.
1998-03-06 buckAdded several calls to API (waitForStatusChange, BPatch...
1998-03-02 wylieParameterize LIBRARY_DEST, PROGRAM_DEST, etc.
1998-03-02 wylieParameterize LIBRARY_PATH, etc.
1997-12-16 wylieStandard file
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.