Added fields for modules in BPatch_function's.
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI /
1999-08-17 hollingsAdded fields for modules in BPatch_function's.
1999-08-12 pcrothFixed syntax error (undeclared variable)
1999-08-09 csserra- removed debug printf's
1999-08-09 csserra- misc. cleanup
1999-08-09 csserra- improved mips-sgi-irix6.4 shared object loading
1999-08-09 csserra- mips-sgi-irix6.4 API test cleanup
1999-08-09 csserra- reorganized "Frame" class on all platforms
1999-08-09 csserra- added support for (mips-sgi-irix6.4) native compiler...
1999-08-03 nashRemoved operand types AstNode::DataPtr and AstNode...
1999-07-29 nashRemoved unimportant debugging messages.
1999-07-29 pcrothUpdated stack walk code to regard a mainCRTStartup...
1999-07-29 hollingsAdded -skip command
1999-07-29 hollingsAdded field and array snippets.
1999-07-29 hollingsAdded field and array access.
1999-07-28 nash - Updated the catchup instrumentation code to trigger...
1999-07-26 cainModified call graph call backs to specify call graphs...
1999-07-19 wylieAdded (undocumented) -v+/-v++ command-line options...
1999-07-19 wylieMore Purify-specific initialization
1999-07-19 wylieExplicit initialization of pointers (primarily for...
1999-07-19 wylieAdded informative message (where absent previously)
1999-07-19 wylielogLine messages reported as BPatchWarnings
1999-07-19 wylieMoved message-handling to api_showerror.C
1999-07-19 wylieAdded informative error message (where absent previously)
1999-07-16 wylieRemoved dependency on paradynd (only required for USES_...
1999-07-14 paradynExplicit casting to remove build warnings
1999-07-14 paradynAdded Id
1999-07-14 paradynRemoved redundant includes which were causing build...
1999-07-13 wylieCommon handling of Elf32 and Elf64
1999-07-13 wylieCommon support for Elf32 and Elf64
1999-07-13 pcrothFixed incorrect sense on a few #ifdef tests that kept...
1999-07-13 wylieAdded so_locations
1999-07-13 zhichenFixed reference count for AstNode
1999-07-13 csserra.stab type info: optimized retrieval
1999-07-13 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4: identify call site to "main" (Fortran)
1999-07-13 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4: indirect function call resolution
1999-07-13 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4: support for 32-bit apps (64-bit paradynd)
1999-07-13 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4: 64-bit paradynd
1999-07-13 csserraELF format: support for Elf64 and Elf32
1999-07-08 pcrothFixed incorrect calculation of function sizes
1999-07-08 nashast.[Ch] - Enclosed BPatch type code with ifdefs for...
1999-07-08 nashFixed the case of deleting an empty BPatch_Vector
1999-07-07 davisjDisable -attach option for NT4.0 platforms for test2.C
1999-07-07 davisjFix dangling pointer problem in BPatch_collections...
1999-07-07 zhichen various minor fixes
1999-07-07 zhichen Use different tramp size for threads
1999-07-07 zhichen template class vector< vector<pdThread *> >;
1999-07-07 zhichen changes to fix LocalAlteration
1999-07-07 zhichenperThread virtual timers
1999-07-07 zhichen infrastructure to walk multiple stacks
1999-07-07 zhichenFixes to threads support
1999-07-07 zhichenadditional parameter to process::getInferiorProcessCPUtime
1999-07-07 zhichen more parameters to constructors to instMapping, and...
1999-07-07 zhichenminor fixes
1999-07-07 zhichenTidy
1999-07-07 zhichenadded REG_I7, ...
1999-07-07 zhichenChanges to process::emitInferiorRPCtrailer for safe...
1999-07-07 zhichen various fixes to LocalAlterations
1999-07-07 zhichenconditional compilation for generateMTpreamble
1999-07-07 zhichenThreads support
1999-07-07 zhichen Fixed FunctionExpansionRecord::~FunctionExpansionRecord()
1999-07-07 zhichenconditional compilation for postRPCtoDo
1999-07-07 zhichenget timing from an perThread virtual timer
1999-07-07 zhichen ../../dyninstAPI/src/pdThread.C \
1999-07-05 wylieAdjusted notdef_Pipes
1999-07-04 wylieInsure++ tidy-up.
1999-07-02 hollingsFixed test20/21 to not run on NT.
1999-07-02 davisjThese modifications fix the compilation problems on...
1999-07-01 wylieUpdated BPatch_type.h dependencies/location
1999-06-30 wylieParameterized link for test mutatees
1999-06-30 wylieAdded basic compiler warnings to tests builds.
1999-06-30 wylieRe-sized child_argv to be able to hold all passed args.
1999-06-30 wyliePacified compiler warnings
1999-06-30 wylieConditionalized code in readyTest21or22 not applicable...
1999-06-30 wyliePacified compiler warnings and added explicit function...
1999-06-30 hollingsRemoved extra printf.
1999-06-30 hollingsFixup for johnd commit of type info (extra include...
1999-06-30 davisj*** empty log message ***
1999-06-29 hollingsCleanup tests cases to support -run option.
1999-06-29 wylieAdded missing BPatch_entry to BPatch_location switch
1999-06-29 wylieModified findPoint (allLocations) to return a vector...
1999-06-29 wyliePurify cleanliness
1999-06-24 pcrothUpdated examination of PARADYN_LIB environment variable...
1999-06-24 pcrothRemoved unused examination of code in data segments...
1999-06-21 csserrafix stack frame analysis for mips-sgi-irix6.4
1999-06-20 wylieGeneralized to multiple tests/mutatees
1999-06-20 wylieSanitization
1999-06-20 wylieMinor rearrangement
1999-06-18 wylieAdded test3
1999-06-18 wylieFix for test#2 which was failing on WindowsNT (and...
1999-06-18 wylieAdditional debug/trace info
1999-06-18 wylieTidy
1999-06-18 wylieClean-up
1999-06-18 wylieAdded test3 to TARGETS for cleanup
1999-06-18 hollingsAdded test3
1999-06-18 hollingsNew tests for multiple active processes.
1999-06-18 hollingsFixed alpha port to work with multiple active threads.
1999-06-18 zhichenModified findAndInstallBaseTramp, so that we will use...
1999-06-17 wylieRephrased USES_LIBDYNINSTRT_SO for WNT platform
1999-06-17 wylieAdded check of environment variables for run-time libra...
1999-06-17 wylieRephrased USES_LIBDYNINSTRT_SO for WNT platform