C/C++ determination/reporting.
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / tests / src / test2.C
2000-06-20 wylieC/C++ determination/reporting.
2000-04-24 wylieTidy-up of mutatee name handling
2000-03-21 hollingsFixed (I hope) the hang on OSF.
2000-03-14 hollingsFixed assort small hangs on Alpha.
1999-11-11 wylieAdded (optional) mutatee termination information
1999-11-07 wylieTidy
1999-11-06 wylieTidy-up; return value now signifies whether (any) tests...
1999-10-25 hollingsChanged -n32 flag to use correct default mutatee.
1999-10-18 hollingsAdded support for stabs on AIX
1999-10-14 zandyDon't assume DYNINSTAPI_RT_LIB is non-NULL
1999-08-26 hollingsSize field in ast nodes and emitV* functions
1999-08-09 csserra- mips-sgi-irix6.4 API test cleanup
1999-07-29 hollingsAdded -skip command
1999-07-19 wylieAdded (undocumented) -v+/-v++ command-line options...
1999-07-13 csserramips-sgi-irix6.4: support for 32-bit apps (64-bit paradynd)
1999-07-07 davisjDisable -attach option for NT4.0 platforms for test2.C
1999-06-30 wylieRe-sized child_argv to be able to hold all passed args.
1999-06-30 davisj*** empty log message ***
1999-06-29 hollingsCleanup tests cases to support -run option.
1999-06-17 wylieMade use of DYNINSTAPI_RT_LIB environment variable...
1999-06-17 wylieReorganized test prologue.
1999-06-08 hollingsallow attach on Alpha.
1999-06-08 csserracleanup
1999-05-29 wylieAdded "-V" command-line option to output information...
1999-05-25 wylieTidied-up to avoid compilation warnings
1999-05-13 hollingsShared libraries on Alpha.
1999-03-19 csserrainitial mips-sgi-irix6.4 commit
1999-02-08 nash- Updates for Linux-x86
1998-09-15 buckCommit of changes for Dyninst API version 1.2. Include...
1998-09-09 buckAdd alpha_dec_osf4_0 to the list of platforms that...
1998-04-24 buckFixed some bugs in attaching to a running process.
1998-03-26 buckAdded BPatch_thread::oneTimeCode, BPatch_thread::loadLi...
1998-03-06 buckAdded several calls to API (waitForStatusChange, BPatch...
1998-02-04 buckAdded support for the BPatch::attachProcess function...
1997-09-28 buckAdded some more #ifdef BPATCH_LIBRARYs to eliminate...
1997-09-05 buckFixed problem with which platforms support attach.
1997-08-26 buckMade changes for dyninst API to dynamically link libdyn...
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.