Update copyright to LGPL on all files
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / tests / nmake.module.tmpl
2006-05-25 jodomUse MASM instead of NASM for assembly.
2006-05-04 legendreGet Paradyn on Windows working
2006-03-12 legendreGeneral fixes for getting Dyninst working on Windows
2005-03-14 legendreSet RELEASE_NUM to 4.2
2004-04-28 rchenPreperation for Dyninst 4.1 Release - - - - - - -...
2003-05-09 rchenUpdates the release string for Dyninst directories...
2002-12-05 buckAdded stack walk to Dyninst API (BPatch_thread::getCall...
2002-08-06 gaburiciEnabled test6 on NT; minor fixes
2002-08-02 bernatMissed some GNU_CC definitions. Fixed.
2001-12-20 buckUpdate Dyninst version numbers for the Dyninst 3.0...
2001-10-26 hollingsChanges to make Fortran test cases work better
2001-03-14 pcrothUpdated version number to 2.3 for release. Release3_2
2001-02-01 pcrothRemoved unnecessary link against imagehlp library in...
2001-02-01 schendeladded ability to retrieve cpu cycle rate from OS (via...
2000-08-22 wylieSet RELEASE_NUM to 2.2
2000-08-19 buckRemove C++ tests from test1 and put them into their...
2000-07-28 hollingsHopefully the last round of commits to split util.
2000-07-06 altinelThis update fixes the C++ debug parsing problem on...
2000-04-24 wylieAdded NATIVE_CXX and GNU_CXX mutatee builds
2000-04-11 buckUpdate Dyninst API version number and README files.
2000-03-13 paradynCorrected test4 mutatee targetlists
2000-03-12 hollingsAdded test case 1.29.
1999-11-07 wylieSynchronized with Unix version
1999-06-18 wylieAdded test3
1999-05-29 wylieCorrected SUITE_NAME
1998-09-15 buckChange version number in makefiles.
1998-04-01 wylieRestructuring to enable reasonable "install".
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.