Update copyright to LGPL on all files
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / tests / i386-unknown-nt4.0 /
2008-12-05 unknowncheckpoint
2006-05-25 jodomUse MASM instead of NASM for assembly.
2006-04-27 jodomMimic new testsuite for building old tests on NT.
2005-02-09 jawasynchronous event handling loop. test12.
2004-06-21 pcrothAdded *.d to set of files ignored by CVS in build direc...
2004-03-05 bernatfix broken #define usage
2004-02-29 schendelupdated .cvsignore files;
2003-03-28 pcrothUpdated to support building with more recent versions...
2002-08-06 gaburiciEnabled test6 on NT; minor fixes
2002-08-02 bernatMissed some GNU_CC definitions. Fixed.
2001-11-05 schendelno longer build dyninst tests with gnu compilers becaus...
2001-10-26 hollingsChanges to make Fortran test cases work better
2001-07-12 chaddHello all:
2001-06-08 schendelsubstitute underscores for spaces in COMPILER Macro...
2000-08-06 wylieCorrected dependencies
2000-08-06 wylieCorrected/updated dependencies
2000-07-14 wylieBuild GNU mutatees as executables (rather than objects)
2000-04-24 wylieSanitized the mutatee builds, adding missing C/C++...
2000-03-17 wylieIgnore test4[ab].mutatees
1999-11-07 wylieAdded MUTATEE_CC support
1999-11-07 wylieLong-overdue update
1999-11-06 wylieAdded LDFLAGS to LD line
1999-06-30 wylieParameterized link for test mutatees
1999-06-20 wylieGeneralized to multiple tests/mutatees
1998-04-01 wylieCosmetica
1998-04-01 wylieRestructuring to enable reasonable "install".
1998-01-09 wylieChange to NT-specific names
1998-01-09 wylieStandard ignores
1997-08-18 buckPorted the Dyninst API to Windows NT.