Update AssignmentConverter instantiation to make use of stack analysis explicit.
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / src / image.C
2016-12-22 Bill WilliamsUpdate AssignmentConverter instantiation to make use... 306/head
2016-12-19 Bill WilliamsFixes to reduce quantity of stack analysis required...
2016-12-02 Xiaozhu MengFix findMain analysis: we should analyze the first...
2016-11-29 John DetterRemoved references to nullptr 277/head
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsRemove IDE files from repo
2016-10-31 Bill WilliamsMany fixes and optimizations--mostly, moving the interv...
2016-10-05 John DetterDeleted the old code block 189/head
2016-10-04 John DetterImproved the findMain analysis significantly
2016-08-03 John DetterAdded more startup printf statements for findMain succe... 142/head 143/head
2016-08-03 John DetterfindMain will now return 0 on success, -1 on failure...
2016-07-27 John DetterRemoved print statements
2016-07-25 John DetterRemoved debug statements
2016-07-25 John DetterFixes for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-07-25 John Dettertest_pt_ls passing
2016-07-22 John DetterStarted work on dataflowAPI based analysis for findMain
2016-06-15 Peter FoleyCleanup _snprintf logic
2016-06-15 Peter Foleybundle cvconst.h
2016-02-23 Allison MorrisBuild compatibility with Visual Studio 2015.
2015-10-22 Bill WilliamsMake modules, from Symtab through BPatch, consistently...
2015-09-28 Bill WilliamsMake modules, from Symtab through BPatch, consistently...
2015-01-13 Bill WilliamsInitial implementation of lazy demangling
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/coverity'
2014-02-12 Josh StoneMerge branch 'jistone/platform'
2014-01-20 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Fix coverity UNINIT_CTOR errors
2014-01-16 Josh StonePurge AIX support
2014-01-16 Josh StoneRemove remnants of Sparc and Solaris
2014-01-15 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Set image::findMain's findings as LOCAL...
2014-01-14 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Expand powerpc support in image::findMain
2014-01-14 Josh StonedyninstAPI: Let image::findMain inspect PIE too
2013-11-20 Josh StoneHide sometimes-unused functions better [-Wunused-function]
2013-09-17 Josh StoneMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into warnings
2013-06-26 ParadynCMake integration for Windows.
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMove dynutil/h to common/h; move common/h to common...
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMore CMake work
2013-06-13 Andrew BernatMore CMake WIP
2013-05-30 Josh StonedyninstAPI: fix warnings given by gcc 4.8
2013-03-08 Matthew LeGendreInitial support for inlined functions in SymtabAPI
2013-01-10 Zuyu ZhangAdd ProcControlAPI findAllocatedRegionAround() and...
2012-10-18 Andrew BernatFix PPC64 compile issues after removing deprecated...
2012-10-15 Andrew BernatCompile fix after removing deprecated SymtabAPI methods.
2012-09-28 Paradyn ProjectFreeBSD, code relocation, and dwarf parsing fixes
2012-09-20 Andrew BernatMove symtab.[Ch] to image.[Ch] to fix Windows case...