Doesn't compile! Added accessor function for memEmulator
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / src / hybridOverwrites.C
2010-11-05 Kevin RoundyDoesn't compile! Added accessor function for memEmulator
2010-10-28 Kevin RoundyBugfixes in PC-emulation, overwrites, shared code,...
2010-10-25 Kevin RoundyBuild-fixes for Windows platform
2010-10-25 Kevin RoundyNo longer considering calls to be writes
2010-10-22 Kevin RoundySeveral overwrite fixes, turns on PC sensitivity analysis
2010-10-20 Kevin RoundyFixes bugs exposed by better overwrite loop analysis
2010-10-19 Kevin RoundyHybrid code makes better use of insertion sets, small...
2010-10-18 Kevin RoundyFixed code overwrite issues, close to working
2010-10-12 Kevin RoundyFunctions can span multiple regions now, other minor...
2010-10-11 Kevin Roundyno cross-region funcs, retstatus, and shared code fixes
2010-09-30 Kevin RoundyFixed bug where hybrid code failed to instrument
2010-09-29 Kevin RoundyFixed tail call instrumentation, removed calls to depre...
2010-09-25 Kevin RoundyWorks on real app! post-call padding logic fixes
2010-07-12 Kevin RoundyAdded hybrid analysis modes, not fully functional.