Conservative fix for the stack pointer passing problem.
[dyninst.git] / dyninstAPI / src / StackMod / StackAccess.C
2017-02-08 Matt MorehouseConservative fix for the stack pointer passing problem.
2016-08-21 Peter FoleyFix warnings
2016-07-07 Matt MorehouseRemoved slicing check for "skipRegs".
2016-06-29 Matt MorehouseAdd check for stack accesses with unknown offsets.
2016-05-06 Peter FoleyReduce namespace pollution
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseStarted topping loads from undetermined (topped) locations.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseMemory leak fixes and stopped tracking topped locations.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseImplemented basic memory tracking for stack analysis.
2016-02-23 Matt MorehouseFixed bug related to falsely recognizing memory accesses
2015-05-18 Emily Gember-JacobsonImplement stack modifications.